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CEOs Who Tweet Their Way To Success (Infographics)

CEOs Who Tweet Their Way To Success (Infographics)

In many ways, Twitter and other social networking sites have transformed the business world. However, surprisingly few CEOs have fully embraced the possibilities of Twitter. This list details a few of the more open-minded, socially conscious CEOs in various industries. Naturally, public relations expert Oprah Winfrey leads the list of tweeting CEOs. With over 15 million Twitter subscribers, Oprah holds a remarkable platform for spreading her message and building her brand.

Virgin’s rock-and-roll CEO Richard Branson also demonstrates an intuitive appreciation for Twitter. This socially active CEO currently reaches well over two million subscribers through his Twitter feed. Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn much from businessman Dick Costolo, Twitter’s own CEO. Though far from a worldwide celebrity, Costolo carefully manages an impressive one million Twitter subscribers. Through carefully calibrated posts, Costolo offers advice while soliciting important feedback from Twitter users. Last but not least, Spotify CEO Daniel Elk has also shown an affinity for social media branding. Altogether, these CEOs prove that even veteran entrepreneurs can adopt cutting-edge social media procedures.

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