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You are here: Home » Social Media » – New Social Media Management Tool – New Social Media Management Tool – New Social Media Management Tool is a brand new social media management tool built for the everyday social media user.  Right now the site is currently conducting an open beta (, and will also be releasing the new SocialPoint app within the Google Play stores in April.

SocialPoint allows you register with them, or sign up via Facebook.  Once you sign in you are taken straight to the “connect” page where you are able to connect your favorite social sites.  Currently the site allows you to connect seven feeds: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Foursquare, and AT&T Messages.  They are also working on bringing in Instagram, MySpace, YouTube, Hulu+, Netflix, and Pinterest.  Each feed that has been brought in has kept full interaction capabilities except for Google+ due to Google only having a “read only” API available.

Once you have the social sites of your choice connected you will move on to the main “dashboard” where you will find your enhanced social media environment.  When you first come to the page you will be greeted with a welcome message from the SocialPoint team briefly going over the set up of the page and its features.

SocialPoint Dashboard
SocialPoint Dashboard

SocialPoint Filters
SocialPoint Filters

SocialPoint All Feed
SocialPoint All Feed

SocialPoint offers a great deal of features that help enhance your social media experience:

Customized Feed Options will allow you to filter through your different social feeds as well as create your own customized feeds.  They will also offer and “All” feed that allows you to see the latest updates from all social networks connected.

Social Contacts will allow you to see all of your various contacts from all of your connected feeds in one place.  You are able to filter and search through this feature to find all of your different contacts.  They even combine your contacts different social feed so that you are able to see a complete update from your friends’ latest posts across all of the networks you are friends.

Social Posting will allow you to post to your various feeds as if you were posting from the original social site.  The best part is that you are able to post to multiple sites as well as send a text through AT&T messages all at the same time.  They have even brought in the complete Tumblr editor.

The Complete Social Search will allow you to search through multiple social networks using keywords.  It gives users an easy way to figure out what happened last weekend using simple keyword searches by searching a bars name, or a the city your friends visited, or your favorite sports team.

So not only does this site bring in your updated favorite social feeds, its keeps full interaction capabilities (including notifications for Facebook and Foursquare), but also offers an array of enhancement features.  Plus the mobile app (which will be out on Android and iOS this year) will offer all of the same features and capabilities as the site!

So whether you are a social power user who is looking for a management tool to help filter through all of the social data on a daily basis, or someone just starting out on social media looking for a way to make sense of it all…SocialPoint is a nice tool that is sure to help.

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