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4 Social Networks to Watch in 2013

4 Social Networks to Watch in 2013

In a world that allows the freedom to network with just about anyone, for any number of reasons, is there really room for another “big” social network? Pinterest and Instagram would probably say yes. We’re in a world that has a plethora of social networks, but there are still niches that aren’t served well by any of them. There’s always room for innovation.

Here are 5 networks that could be this year’s Pinterest or Instagram.



Recognizing that we’re a society that shares, overshares, and then shares some more, Pheed brought up the interesting question of “why aren’t you charging for this free content?”

Tabbed by many as a “pay-as-you-go” social network, Pheed enables users to share digital content with others but additionally offers the option of charging for premium content. Options range from a monthly fee ($1.99 to $34.99), to charging on a per-event basis for a live broadcast.

The implications are huge for this type of service. With a failing print industry, this could offer solutions to newspapers that are looking for ways to better monetize their content. Reporters can use the service to live broadcast events most don’t have access to, like the Presidential Inauguration  Your friend Jeff might make a killing by running around with his iPhone capturing a huge event like Burning Man. The potential for celebrities is also huge. Imagine capturing an inside access, live broadcast of The Academy Awards or The Grammy’s.



Chirp takes targeting to a whole new level. Imagine this; you need to share an image with a room full of people, but the options that currently exist aren’t exactly suited for quick delivery of that sort of message. You could text it to everyone. You could update your Facebook page or send it out via Twitter. Or, you could use Chirp.

Chirp allows you to share content via mobile device over bluetooth. When you have something to share, you upload it to Chirp, and your device will emit a high pitched “chirp” that allows anyone within bluetooth range to view the image, video or hear the sound bite.

Sounds cool, but not exactly life altering, right? That’s what I thought too. Now, imagine the same scenario, but you’re in a stadium full of people. If this catches on in the business world, the loudspeaker can emit this “chirp” and allow anyone in the stadium to view coupons, specials at a local bar or upcoming events for “insiders.”

It’s kind of a slam dunk for targeted marketing in the business world. The venue generates cash for charging for these ads, the advertiser gets value from targeted advertisements that might be missed on the scoreboard, and you get a coupon or discount somewhere.



Not to be confused with the above-mentioned “Chirp,” Chirpify offers a unique shopping alternative for social network users. Similar to the 1-click payment system at Amazon, Chirpify offers sellers the option to list sale items on Twitter or Instagram. If you find an item you wish to purchase, you reply with the word “buy” and you’ve just made a quick and hassle-free purchase. Essentially you’re storing your credit card info on Chirpify and they handle the rest. No more forms to fill out or credit card numbers to enter.

Aside from the sales aspect, Chirpify also offers unique solutions to fundraising, giveaways, and even loaning money to friends.



Real-time opinions on the fly is how I would sum up Thumb in a few short words. Essentially it’s a free service that allows you to ask for the opinions of others on anything from what shoes to wear with what shirt or what wine to pair with your salmon entree.

This isn’t a new idea. Most of us already go to sites like Facebook, Twitter or Quora for advice from time to time, but the thing that makes Thumb a winner is just how active its userbase is. A single call for advice is typically met with hundreds of thumbs up or thumbs down (like or dislike) as well as a multitude of comments from a very active crowd. Business Insider reported the average Thumb user spends more than four hours a month on the site. That puts it second to Facebook in terms of average time on site metrics. Not a bad start.

Are there any social networks we forgot? What would you add to the list?

About Chris Warden

Chris Warden
Chris Warden is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO. Starting his entrepreneurial career at age 19, he has performed in numerous capacities owning and managing both offline and online companies. Chris now serves as CEO of Spread Effect, a leading content marketing and publishing company. He is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and often writes on topics of content marketing, SEO, and business development. He’s passionate about building and mentoring world-class teams and loves to chat with like-minded individuals.
  • It’s important for every marketer to look out for new platforms that are booming or have high chances of making it big in the future. One must always look out for new platforms for marketing as there are good possibilities of content going viral here.
    P.S. A good list.

  • an interesting and odd community I’ve been following is Whisper ( It still is a bit slow locally (in Canada) but the main feed has a fair amount of churn. And it looks like they’re actively trying to innovate the app/web experience to make it a bit more accessible and keep the app top of mind. Worth a peek IMHO.

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  • Thanks for the list, they are pretty new to me. I will be waiting for the buzz these social media will create if ever more people are into it or not.