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Social Media Calls to Action

You have written a fantastic blog post. It is well formed, full of information, interesting and rather witty (if you do say so yourself). You have spent a monumental amount of time on it, and once you hit publish you see a fair amount of activity. At least your visitor count shows that people are reading and enjoying it.

But the numbers are low, the social media shares are non-existent and where are the comments? If all of these people have read the post, why aren’t they engaging with you? Didn’t you write something that they connected with, and if not, where are you going wrong?

This is the classic blogger’s issue that has haunted many of us at one time or another. What it tends to come down to is a lack of social media calls to action.

What Is A Social Media Call To Action?

Social Media Call to Actions

It is like any other call to action: you are calling for your readers to perform some kind of action that gets them directly engaged. However, you are doing it on a more social scale in an attempt to increase a post’s (and your own) visibility on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media powerhouses.

Why Is It Important To Offer Social Media Calls To Action?

The influence of social networking is already high, and it is getting higher by the day. You can improve the amount of visitors your blog gets, the reach of your brand and much more by simply expanding your engagement to a social platform.

When you don’t mention a site like, for example, Facebook, it is unlikely a reader will search out your blog’s page. They may neglect to share a link to a post they enjoyed, which cuts off your access to their friends list. Or they might not learn about new posts from your page updates themselves.

How Do I Create a Social Media Call To Action?

Social Media Call to Action

(Here are more ideas on taking your social media call-to-actions offline)

You should attack it from two directions. The first should be on your blog posts themselves. There should always be social media buttons, and the more you have the more likely they will share on one of them. It is second nature now to have share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But you can also have Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, StumbleUpon, Reddit and even LinkedIn. Choose the most relevant to your site.

Next, offer a little sign off at the end of the post that asks for comments, directs them to your social media pages and maybe asks for a like or share. Don’t make it any longer than one to three sentences, and just write it as a friendly reminder rather than a demand.

On your side menu, you should also have an easily accessed section offering subscriptions to RSS feeds, newsletters and social media pages.

The second thing you should do is attack the issue from your profile. Once people have liked or followed you, they expect updates for their efforts. Let them know when a new post is up and provide a link. Keep in contact between posts and speak one on one to those who are active on your page. Try and foster a sense of community, and offer plenty of content from yourself and others that might be shared.

This will increase the likelihood of your page coming up on their feed, which will be seen my their friends. Which might just bring them along to your page.


Giving a social media call to action will help to increase your overall visibility in one of the most important ways you can. It will also give you a step forward into creating something viral and highly shared, which of course is something that every blogger wants.

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  • Very inspiring! However I think that there is another way to call in action: Visit other blogs of the same kind because people with same tastes are more likely to read themselves. In fact, it is true that in Social Media, people follow before people that have more points in common than family and relatives.

    I take (also) advantage of this post to invite you to mine :D.