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Get Beautiful Logos From LogoBee

Get Beautiful Logos From LogoBee

Suppose you are travelling in a new city in your car, searching for a good restaurant. You don’t know anyone there and you obviously can’t trust a stranger. As you passed by a crossroad you saw a huge red banner with a huge yellow “M” written on it and the words “I’m lovin’ it” inscribed below it. You instantly recognize that it’s a McDonald’s outlet and head towards it and enjoy a nice lunch.

This is the power of logos. They make your company’s brand instantly visible. No one today has the time to read large posters saying things like – “We offer quality food. Get burgers, sandwiches, cakes, pastries …” and the text goes on and on.

Get a nice logo then put it on your website, videos, visiting cards, banners, etc. so that people could instantly recognize your company.

Out of all the logo design companies out there, we recommend you try LogoBee. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, LogoBee has been providing professional logo design services and other graphic design services since over ten years, winning multiple awards in the process.

Nowadays, many graphic design companies don’t create their designs from scratch. They would just take an image from a stock photo agency, tweak it a bit here and there, put the desired text onto it and present it to you.

Although many people are pleased by the final results but be aware that such designs can be designed by anyone having even a working knowledge of Photoshop. Why pay hundreds of dollars to them for just some minor tweaks?

LogoBee, on the other hand, takes care of this issue by ensuring that their designs are designed from scratch so that you get an absolutely original piece which won’t resemble anybody else’s logo and will bring in uniqueness to your brand.

With LogoBee, you can get a logo by following these five simple steps:

1 – Choose a plan

There are four types of plans available costing $249, $379, $449, and $549 each. You can get limited or unlimited revisions, six or eight custom initial concepts, and get your order delivered within two or five days, depending upon the plan chosen. Please see the screenshot below for details.

Logo Design Charges

Once you’ve selected a plan, click on it and you’ll be taken to a secured online logo design form. This form runs in two parts.

One is the personal information part where you’ll have to fill in details like your name, your company’s name, etc.

The second part pertains to the logo design instructions. You should fill in these instructions very carefully as they will serve as the scaffolding on which the design of your logo rests.

2 – Make the payment

Now that you’ve completed the form you will be asked to make the payment for your order. All major payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and PayPal are accepted.

LogoBee guarantees that all transactions are carried out with utmost security. In fact they will call you to confirm your order.

3 – Get the initial designs

Depending upon your plan, you will get six or eight initial designs within two or five days. The logos will be uploaded on an online page whose URL will be shared with you.

See the screenshot below for an example of six initial custom logos for the same company.

Logo Initial Designs

You can then either choose the one which you like the most or request the designers to modify the samples.

4 – Review revisions

Your feedback will be processed accordingly. LogoBee will immediately begin to work on revisions and, if the changes are simple, will revert to you within one business day.

See the image below for an example on how revisions were made into the Falcon Networks’ logo.

Logo Review revisions

You will have enough time to go through the new samples as there is no time limit imposed on you and there are unlimited revisions allowed on the Silver, Gold and Express packages.

If you are still dissatisfied with the results you can ask for one redraw session which will be conducted at no extra costs.

5 – Finalize the logo and stationery

Once all the revisions have been done as per your needs and requirements, you may be asked for the stationery information as per your plan of choice.

This stationery consists of two business card and letterhead versions and one envelope design. Up to six names on the cards are included. These designs will also be uploaded on the same secure webpage for your viewing and unlimited changes also apply to these stationery designs.

See the image below for a sample.

Logo and Stationery Design

Once everything has been finalized, you will receive all the files and folders as an attachment. LogoBee sends you your files in many different formats so that you can use them in any format you like.

You can also get these files on a CD delivered by mail by paying some extra amount.


So those are the details on how the logo design process works at LogoBee.

If you think that these options are out of your budget then there is a cheaper option available. But here you can’t tell them what to design. You’ll have to choose a design from their library of pre-existing custom logo designs.

There are two options.

One – You buy a design under a non-exclusive license which means they retain the right to sell the same logo to a different company. This is the cheapest option costing only $90.

The designers will give the logo some tweaks to match it to your company’s brand.

Two – You buy an exclusive design which means LogoBee won’t sell that design to anyone else. This option costs $149. Only those logos which aren’t sold to anyone until now are filed under the exclusive category.

Again, you can get the logo tweaked by their designers to match your requirements.

Before closing this article, I must add that not only do they offer logos and stationery design services but they also offer web design and graphic design services as well. Perhaps we’ll discuss that at some later time.

So go and check their logo designs and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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