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Google Hangouts – A New Messenger by Google

Google Hangouts – A New Messenger by Google

The Google Talk history is probably the longest and the strangest history for Google. Sometimes they “lost the source code“ for the app and it weren’t upgraded for years, then the messenger was changed with every new launch of a different service – the most recent change occurred when the company launched Google+. And it has always been difficult for a user to understand which messenger he has been using. This lead to them using third-party apps. The most vivid examples are WhatsApp messenger and Viber which are integrated with your contacts.

A couple of days ago during Google I/O the company presented a new service Google Hangouts which should answer all questions about the presence of Google messenger at the market.

Here’s a short video presenting the app:

So what is Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is a light and fast app for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. After launching the app you’ll log in with your Google Account, and after that the app will try to get your mobile number and check your SMS. This is done in order to get show those on your contact list in the app so that you can communicate with them for free.

Google Hangouts

Additionally, Hangouts is in your Google Chrome. You install an extension which adds a button for launching chat in the browser. The chat itself looks like a separate extension, and you can move around your desktop. Surely, you can create group chat and video chats (otherwise, this app won’t be competitive). Thus, you can cut down the number of apps on your PC.


If you have been using Google ecosystem (in particular, have been chatting in Google Talks), there’s no need to change your habits – you’ve got a great app. If you’re using WhatsApp, for example, – it’s time to think about changing it. WhatsApp is the app of one device and you can’t sync your conversations among different devices.

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