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5 Smartest Content Marketing Tips for Bloggers

5 Smartest Content Marketing Tips for Bloggers

Every time I speak about marketing, I always make one opinion very clear: content is still king. I firmly believe that no amount of social media marketing, SEO strategy or PPC is going to have as much of an impact of your success as the use of content. Not only when it comes to blogs, but when it comes to any kind of site whether monetized, or not. Even ecommerce sites should be putting a large chunk of their focus on exploiting content.

But when it comes to content marketing, what tips are really ‘smart’? Which methods of content marketing are going to give you the greatest gains? Here are the five smartest content marketing tips for bloggers.

1. Always Aim For Quality

Aim For Quality

The first priority of any blogger should be maintaining the highest possible standard of quality for their posts. It is the first rule of content marketing: the better the post, the more attention it will receive. But I think it goes beyond that. The better a post the more it will spread, and the more likely it will be that the reader will return for more. Repeat visitors are going to be your bread and butter, not only for the traffic they consistently provide, but the word of mouth aspect when they share you out on social media sites like Facebook. Never skimp on quality for the sake of quantity.

2. Expand Your Social Network

Expand Your Social Network

You shouldn’t just be posting content on a single social networking site. You should be utilizing as many as possible: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit…anything with a social element that will allow you to show off your work and gain a wider audience. But make sure these shares are quality, just as your posts are. Don’t use them as nothing more than free advertising, but instead engage your readers on a more personable level. WP Beginner has a neat cheatsheet for social media optimization within its tutorials section.

3. Guest Blog

Guest Blogging

You should be having guest bloggers on your site at least once a week. But you should also be posting on other sites in order to both establish content elsewhere, and build effective links back to your own site. This is also a great way to dip into a new reader pool, and make good connections with affiliates and other bloggers that can be beneficial for years to come.

4. Use Multiple Media Forms

Media Forms

Don’t just rely on text posts for content. You should be offering up as many different media types as possible, such as turning posts into podcasts, slideshows or even video clips to put on YouTube. You can get a lot more from a single post this way, and offer multiple means for people to follow your work. Infographics are very effective, as well. Especially if you are on Pinterest, where they are quite popular.

5. Take Advantage Of Other’s Expertise

Take Advantage Of Other's Expertise

Other people on the web are eager to share their expertise with your blog. Interviews are a great way to draw attention, create sharable content and have posts to link back to for a long time into the future. If possible, try to get an interview in once a month. The bigger the name in your niche, the more effective this will be.

Have a tip for content marketing on a blog? Let us know in the comments.

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