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What’s the Next Big Social Media Fad?

What’s the Next Big Social Media Fad?

There are tons of great social media sites out there, but the vast majority are on just a handful.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, they all are great for businesses and people alike.

However, are you curious as to what the next big thing may be in social media? Want to be one of the first to get on board what is going to take off next?

Here are some that are likely poised for greatness.



Based in New York and launched in 2012, RebelMouse is said to be the social media site that takes care of the gap “between Tumblr and WordPress“.

The site is designed for small businesses and bloggers as well as publishers who want to feed their social media websites onto a home page. The free version sits at “” but there are paid versions where for $120 a year you get your own domain and more content control.

While still in its infancy, RebelMouse is making enough of a buzz to be considered as one of the next big things in the social media market.



Socialcam is a video sharing service where people and businesses can share videos of any length and add effects to them as needed. Socialcam is also in tight with Facebook so that your sharing on that social media site is even easier.

With Socialcam you are able to post promotional items and products as you need. While very similar to the ever-popular YouTube, Socialcam could be the next big video sharing project to hit the market.



The word about Viddy is that it is a crossbreed between YouTube and Twitter.

Videos on Viddy are only 15 seconds, longer than the six-second Vine and shorter than the no-length-restriction Socialcam.

These could provide a great marketing effort from your business that wouldn’t take much to start up. Sharing videos on Viddy could be just the thing to share with your followers and your opt-in customer base.



Pheed is the last new social media site to look at and is a mashup of all the things that make other social media sites great.

You can share text, video, audio, and live feeds. A mega newsfeed service with its eye on its ability to let you express what is on your mind.

In fact its catch phrase is indeed, “Express yourself“. Upload anything you’d like to Pheed and see it blast to over a million users currently. While this number is bound to grow, it is still a great starter effort from a social media newbie.

As you can see there are several social media sites that just may become the next Google+.

If you want to get in on the ground floor instead of trying to play catch up when the site hits it big, then you want to go ahead and join one or more of these rookie sites that have what it takes to be the next big social media fad of the future.

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