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Does My Company Need A Website?

Does My Company Need A Website?

Pebble Explains Why It Is A Must Have In This Day And Age To Have A Website That Will Deliver You A Return On Investment.

Nowadays, it is crucial to have an online presence and to build your brand. The Internet offers many advertising possibilities, but most of all, it offers the chance for brands to connect with their customers, a clear advantage of the present. Remember that in the past, this was a hard goal to achieve, media channels were few in number and communication turned out to be a bit stiff. Asking yourself what people love about your brand? Go back just a few years and the answer would have been no as business was done via “word of  mouth” and offline advertising. However, this has quickly accelerated into a “must have” for your business: a website. In an interview with Pebble Ltd (, a web design Peterborough company, we tried to explain why your company needs a website.

Me: So Why the Change?

Pebble Ltd Representative: Business hasn’t changed, what has really changed is the behavior of how we search out companies to provide us with products and/or services. It has become rather a demand of the society and consumers expect to be able to check out a product or a company at one click away. With over 7 billion people worldwide and more than a third being Internet users, it is only reasonable to give them rapid, on-demand information.

We also know that visitors spend less than 6 seconds per page, so the first impression of your website is really important in their decision: ”Should I stay or should I go?”. To add more, every second, 7.9 new Internet user joins the worldwide web, according to web sources.

Internet uses in the World

Me: When It All Changed?

Pebble Ltd Representative: The year is 1998. This is in no doubt down to search engines like Google, a one stop shop for information where globally over 5 billion searches are carried out on a daily basis. Go back to 1998 when Google was founded you would have been reading and watching the news that the ginger one from The Spice Girls is leaving, we first heard about the weather phenomenon “El Nino” and we put an international space station into orbit. Not that long ago right?

Searches for companies have drastically changed and continue to do so, on a regular basis. 60% of the searches for companies are now completed away from a desktop computer, these are done on Smartphones and tablets whilst users are waiting for the bus or travelling on the train to work. If you don’t believe us, you can always try to build a mobile chart yourself with Google Mobile Planet. We got some interesting results, showing us just how much smartphones are part of the everyday life, but we will let you discover them yourself. The most important part here is to see now that your business needs to have an online presence. Now is the time to connect with potential customers.

Me: What Is The Perfect Solution?

Pebble Ltd Representative: As expected, the perfect solution is to get a website. If you haven’t got a website, Pebble can deliver you a bespoke web design that you can take control of. This includes a secure administration area where you can keep your website up to date 24/7 and a cutting edge design the will make you stand out from the competition . We also make sure your website is fully responsive, meaning it will not only look great on a home computer but works equally well on Smartphones and tablet devices like iPads.

Pebble are experts in delivering the following solutions:

  1. Web Design
  2. Ecommerce websites
  3. Mobile Apps
  4. Search Engine Optimisation

We also have a series of secondary services available including Email Marketing where you can actively promote new products and services to your existing client base through the use of an easy-to-use system.

Me: Can We Draw Some Conclusions?

Pebble Ltd Representative: Yes. A website is similar to a business card: it represents your business; people can easily get in touch with you; new customers and returning customers can view new offers and discounts for products; everyone has one, so there is no better time to create one for your business, as well; it is affordable and the return on investment prooves to be a smart choice.

If you are not yet convinced by the power of a website, we will leave you with an interesting infographic about Internet users.

8 new Internet users added worldwide every second

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