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Vacation Resorts Score With Social Media

Vacation Resorts Score With Social Media

Social media marketing is booming with many industries, and vacation resorts are no exception.

The hospitality industry has previously had word-of-mouth, local advertisements and ad spots being the best form of marketing their business, but many of the world’s best resorts are finding benefits to using social media.

These resorts are well-known and doing things the right way, each of which has their own individual method for using social media platforms to their benefit.

Hilton Hotels and Resorts

Hilton Hotels and Resorts

The first vacation resort that is finding great results is Hilton Hotels and Resorts.

Hilton is already well known, so they didn’t need help getting the word out about their resorts or hotels. But what they are doing right is expanding their customer service.

They have taken engagement one step further and begun answering individual questions and concerns through their Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Foursquare pages. They even have a page on the microblogging website in China called Sina Weibo.

They have a mission of listening, responding and being involved in the help their guests need. Not only that, they try to use those suggestions and help implement changes in their resorts.

Marriott Hotels and Resorts

Marriott Hotels & Resorts

Next on the list is the Marriott string of hotels and resorts, which are taking a slightly different approach.

They began using social media aggressively in late 2012, and are using it as a way to be more casual and conversational with their visitors and guests.

The chain of resorts and hotels found that Generation X and Generation Y visitors prefer a more casual engagement, rather than being overly formal. Just on Twitter alone, Marriott has 253,000 followers. They are very straightforward and honest, opening up dialogue between travelers and themselves as a business. This has shown to be a successful strategy.

Best Western

Best Western

Best Western, which brings guests a more affordable hotel option, are using social media to offer special rewards and exclusive discounts to people who follow them.

They offer incentives through social media for staying at their hotels and are working hard to think of new way to reach potential guests. They also pay attention to questions or concerns, similar to Hilton, and address those issues in a public forum. They also have a fun travel blog called “You Must be Trippin” which has very active pages on Google+, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest.

One of Best Western’s campaigns in 2012 gained 500,000 fans on the various social media sites, which was called “Be a Travel Hero.” They have many campaigns doing just as well, including “Travel Faceoff.”

Vail Resorts

Vail Resorts

Ski resorts are also jumping on the social media bandwagon, such as Vail Resorts.

This resort is a popular mountain resort company that now has 80 percent of their marketing budget focused on social media and digital advertising.

They have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other major social media sites, and follow along with what other resorts are doing: communicating, engaging, offering incentives and having enjoyable campaigns.

As more hotels see the success social media can bring them, don’t be surprised to see more taking a trip down the social road.

About The Author

Tina Samuels writes on social media, Amerisave, and small business solutions.

  • Great to see Marriott on the list. They really started the trend of social media for travel companies with their first travel blog way back in around 2009 – great to see that they’ve kept it up and are developing their strategy based on learnings from their years of experience.

  • Sally Atwater

    You know who’s page I really like that’s not on here is Sandals. I think they do a great job. I once won a fun contest that they had and took a trip of a lifetime – all because of facebook.