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Meet Comindware, A Task Automation Startup with Reliable Track Record

Meet Comindware, A Task Automation Startup with Reliable Track Record

There are numerous technologists and entrepreneurs with tons of startups that promise to help alleviate modern organizational problems in today’s tech world. But in choosing which ones to trust, a long-standing history of success with a proven track record in robust global companies in the same industry may be a safe bet.

In 2001, Max Tsypliaev, a serial tech entrepreneur since his graduate school days, co-founded and became CEO of Acronis, now a multimillion dollar global data protection and recovery company. After rapidly growing Acronis to achieve strong profitability and equally strong global standing, with his over fifteen years of successful entrepreneurship and business executive experience in the software industry, Mr. Tsypliaev, along with his German partner and Chief Operating Officer of Acronis, Helmut Heptner, moved on to pursue further challenges by building another promising software company three years ago.

A group of successful entrepreneurs with roots in industry-leading companies such as Parallels and Kaspersky Labs joined the two to power what is now Comindware, a task automation and work management software startup.

The birth of an ambitious startup and the technologies beneath its wings

Comindware’s core product, Comindware Tracker, aims to help companies worldwide by optimizing tasks and workflows in departments or business areas that are experiencing inefficiency issues. The company’s main goal is to grow rapidly over the next few years, the key to which being innovation that lies within the technologies used in the development of its proprietary software.

One of these technologies is a unique, patent-pending and award-winning system called the ElasticData technology, which was developed to make task and workflow management simpler and the software more flexible.

This technology allows for a less complicated way of updating workflows on-the-fly through the visual drag-and-drop workflow builder, as well as adding a more user-friendly interface through the Form Builder, which lets users input and edit data, and navigate the system without having to learn any new programming language to do so effectively. This, needless to say, greatly reduces adoption time for both management and staff members.

ElasticData has been dubbed the “Most Innovative Enterprise Graph Application” in November 2012 for its cutting-edge visio-graphic approach to database building, which has since then proven to be more effective than the traditional relational approach.

Another Comindware differentiator is ConnectStep, a patented technology that adds clarity and robustness to the setup by integrating all the workflow coordination and task management tools in a unified system, allowing for a more comprehensive access to a single source. With ConnectStep, you no longer need to work through several different applications to carry out your assigned tasks efficiently.

Unending pursuit of relevance

Striving to not only improve but make its product more valuable for its customers, Comindware continuously adds new features and areas of use, such as CRM, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint integration through API (application programming interface), and the launch of its cloud-based version in 2012. This makes for a hassle-free transition from traditional business methodologies to faster, more cost-effective solutions through software-as-a-service.

Just recently, an iPhone app has been launched for mobile workers to help them stay connected and aligned with their teams, their tasks and their productivity goals.


With a solid management team of proven track record, cutting-edge technologies that its peers are yet to replicate, and reasonable payment schemes, Comindware is gearing up to fulfill its main goal of achieving strong market position.

If you want to experience Comindware Tracker in your own business environment, it’s perhaps worth noting that Comindware offers an unlimited trial for 30 days absolutely free – no credit card needed, no installation necessary and complete with a professional services team to assist in any rollout issues. Comindware calls this “reassurance through real-world experience.”

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