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Which Newspapers Get it Right With Social Media?

Which Newspapers Get it Right With Social Media?

In the age of all things digital, newspapers are quickly realizing that they need to have an online presence if they want to succeed in the news market.

Because of this, many newspapers across the country and the world are adopting social media as an outlet for breaking news and other top news stories. And, thanks to the versatility of social media, these newspapers are leaving their digital mark in more ways than one.

So, how are newspapers utilizing social media and what are some newspapers that are already on top of the social media game?

Social Networking for Newspapers

Because of the proliferation of social media, being digitally social has almost endless possibilities. And, for newspapers, this means using some of the top social media sites the Internet has to offer in unique and interesting ways.

Going Viral With the News – Considering traditional newspapers have print covered, it only makes sense that they’d set their sights (and sites) on video when going digital. And, with many top newspapers already going viral with news stories by posting news reports and videos on sites like YouTube and Facebook, video is a large part of social media’s partnership with the news.

Tweeting to the Masses – Almost every major newspaper across the country and the world has taken Twitter under their wing. And, when authority newspapers tweet headlines, it provides the news-seeking world with real-time, trusted coverage of everything from political events to breaking news reports.

Friend of the News – When top newspapers jump on the social network bandwagon, friends follow in droves. And, considering Facebook fan pages are a great way for newspapers to inform the masses and for the masses to voice their concerns and ask question right back, Facebook and other social media sites are quickly becoming a useful tool for newspapers.

Newspapers Leading the Social Media Pack

When newspapers and social media join forces, it’s a win-win situation for readers and followers. And, because of this, many of the major newspapers across the country are already going the social media route.

Here are just a few:

Capture Cincinnati Photo Contest

The Cincinnati Enquirer – When the Cincinnati Enquirer decided it wanted to have a photo contest, it opened its own social media site. is the city’s own version of Instagram and allows residents to post their favorite pictures of Cincinnati, comment on one another’s photos, and vote for the best.

The Denver Post

The Denver Post – In an attempt to start an all-new form of social media-style newspaper journalism, The Denver Post is developing its own customized news delivery service. I-News or “Individuated News” will allow subscribers to view local and national news reports from across the country as well as track stories their friends are following all from one social site.

The New York Times Twitter Account

The New York Times – There are plenty of newspapers in the country that already utilize Twitter @nytimes for sharing headlines and other news stories, but no other newspaper does it better or more consistently than The New York Times. With more than 8,878,000 followers and growing, the Times already branched out into multiple Twitter channels including books, arts, sports, and entertainment sections.

When social media and newspapers join forces, traditional news gets the chance to step into the digital limelight.

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