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5 New Social Media Networks That Will Stand Out From the Crowd

5 New Social Media Networks That Will Stand Out From the Crowd

Social media networks have been steadily evolving over the past few years and there is a big move away from “one size fits all” programs in favor of niche networks for those with similar interests and social backgrounds.

While Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and a few others are firm favorites among the masses, there are lots of new social media networks appearing all the time. Here are five new social media networks that stand out from the crowd.

1. Nextdoor – Bringing Neighbourhoods Closer Together


Unlike conventional social media sites, Nextdoor aims to get people off their computers and meeting up in real life. The purpose is to bring communities together and help people to meet others in their local area with similar interests and hobbies.

During the sign-up process, you must enter your full postal address, and once accepted, they place you  into a hyper localized network where you will be able to post details of events and meet ups that you want like-minded people to attend.

2. Path – Mobile Only Personal Networking Site


What Path aims to do differently from all the rest is help people stay in close contact with just 150 of their closest friends and family. The days of grabbing thousands of meaningless contacts as some sort of bragging list are on their way out, and people are looking to use social media to share their lives with real friends who they actually know.

The site is exclusive to mobile users so the user interface is extremely straightforward, meaning you can update “moments” with your smartphone with the utmost ease. Just power up your BlackBerry Q10 and start sharing!

3. Pheed – The Celeb Hangout Where You Get to Join In

Miley Cyrus already on Pheed

It may seem like an unusual concept at first glance; a social media site where you have to pay to be part of it. However, it’s beginning to pick up fans, as it is actually a very clever way for celebs to sell subscriptions for their interactions with fans. With some big names like Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus already on Pheed, it is starting to gain some real traction.

Users upload text, video, audio, live streams, photos and other great stuff, so it is no wonder that fans are paying for subscriptions to their idols profiles.

4. Thumb – Personal Crowdsourcing Network


This unique social media network is designed to satisfy ones vanity and voyeurism desires, with the simple concept being that you post up pictures and wait to see what everyone makes of it. The Thumb user base is extremely engaging, and users can expect to receive hundreds of replies to their post within a few hours. It’s an incredibly simple yet addictive system where you either get a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

5. Medium – For a Deeper Connection


Many social media users are fed up of looking at cat memes and mainstream music video shares and instead are looking to connect with others on a more personal level and share their life stories and concerns. This invitation only network is essentially like a blog network where a select few post and everyone is invited to comment and join in, making Medium a very interesting site.

Social media networks are evolving by the day and we are likely to see an influx of niche sites that cater for people who want to connect with a few like-minded individuals instead of thousands of complete randoms.

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