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Myspace for Your Internet Marketing Strategy: Is There any Value There?

Myspace for Your Internet Marketing Strategy: Is There any Value There?

Is Myspace Dead?

Most people are adamant that Myspace is dead and will never be brought to life. They insist that the mere reason it remains is for musicians, though it plays second fiddle to YouTube nowadays. Although, Myspace has recently been relaunched with a new image–changes that are hoped to resurrect it to its former success and disassociate its reputation linked to its decline. Hopefully, the recent re-launch headed by new investors including Justin Timberlake will give the site a fresh image and new functions to bring it back to its pre-Facebook glory.

Is Myspace a valuable marketing tool?

Many have no faith in Myspace’s resurrection, nor do they believe it will ever serve a good marketing purpose. Non believers insist that you have to put much more work into marketing with Myspace, yet there is no way to possibly reach as many followers as you would with another type of social media like Facebook due to sheer membership numbers (Myspace has 30 million global users while Facebook has a whopping 1.1 billion). Even more, it has been argued that it will never serve an effective marketing strategy, but its only true value is its music streaming capability similar to Spotify.

Though Myspace has seen a steady decline in social media influence since Facebook swiftly surpassed it, others argue that it is still an effective marketing strategy. The benefit of using Myspace for marketing is due to its uniqueness among the many social media sites existing today. MySpace was created for an artistic niche, mainly for musicians and other entertainers. Even after its makeover, a creative approach still seems to be the central focus. The new CEO, Tim Vanderhook, had said in an interview that the company hopes to bring Myspace back to the creative community it once was. Some argue that MySpace is dead, but others suggest that it if done correctly, it can be a highly effective form of marketing.

Why not be different?

In order for MySpace to work for your company, you must be bold–standing out is of utmost importance. Remember what Myspace was created for in the first place, a creative community for artists. For this reason, all traditional social media marketing rules are out the window. Be quirky and creative to really get attention. Take advantage of the non-conventional form of advertising you decided to pursue. Upload a songs and videos to really display the essence of your business and what you are trying to convey.

If you choose to use MySpace in your marketing strategy, it is important to build your mobs of followers, much like a type of fan club. Instead of finding followers socially through your contacts, it is crucial to find followers through common interests. This will be much easier with relaunch updates that allow users to more specifically convey their unique interests. Don’t stop there, continue to comment on your friend’s spaces on a regular basis as well. Be active. If you really want your marketing to work, you cannot create a generic page and passively sit and hope for followers.

Will Myspace become a social media superpower like it once was, or will it end up a Frankenstein failure?

With Myspace’s new visual image and celebrity connection, there is potential for it to rise to its former status. This presents a good opportunity for a business to become a big fish in a small pond to truly stand out. Nothing is certain yet, but many would agree that Myspace’s rebranding has opened up doors for new marketing strategies.

About The Author

Kristen Valek is a writer for Fahrenheit Marketing, a company dedicated to efficient internet marketing strategies. Kristen is rooting for Myspace, and hopes it will resurrect to its former glory.