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Recommended SEO Practices After Google Hummingbird Update

Recommended SEO Practices After Google Hummingbird Update

The latest update to Google’s core algorithm is named Hummingbird, which says it all – this update is aimed at swiftness and accuracy. This is the biggest change to Google’s underpinnings since early 2010, when the Caffeine upgrade was introduced. To most Google users, the search results won’t be significantly different. However, there was an inevitable need for new mathematical formulas to handle the trend of more complex queries and increased smartphone searches.

When you consider the fact that this is the biggest change in Google’s algorithm in 12 years, you can’t avoid asking yourself how it will affect your SEO work. Do you need to change everything according to the new standards?

Are all your SEO strategies ruined?

If you have been working on your SEO as you should have been, you can stop panicking because your SEO strategy will still remain effective. Even though Google’s algorithm is different now, that doesn’t mean that SEO is dead. According to Google, there is nothing different or new that publishers and SEO experts should be worried about. The rules are the same: have high-quality original content – that’s your best strategy to rank high on the search engine results. The Hummingbird update allows the search engine to process the signals in a better way.

If you have relevant websites linking to your site and you have been constantly providing great content, your rankings are still going to be high. The only way to make the right SEO decisions is to understand how Google is working and what its goal is. When someone creates a new search, Google has a goal to lead that person to the exact results they need.

The frustration with Penguin and Panda updates has led many people to see Hummingbird with negative expectations, but there is no reason to be worried if you are good at what you do. If you have been engaging in spammy tactics in order to achieve better Google rankings, your days are numbered; but nothing bad will happen if you’ve been focused on creating content of true value for your target group. The latest changes will help the good websites rise above, and the right SEO tactics don’t need to be changed at all. Google’s guidance to webmasters hasn’t changed – they encourage high-quality, unique content, since that is what the web users are interested to find.

Recommended SEO Practices after the Hummingbird Update

Google’s mobile search

1. The Future is Mobile!

The increased usage of smartphones was a significant reason for Google to introduce this update, so you shouldn’t neglect the importance of this factor. This doesn’t come as a surprise, since we are all aware of the increasing number of people who are using mobile technology for their Google searches. The Hummingbird improves Google’s mobile search, making it simpler and cleaner.

Mobile technology will shape the future of search engine optimization, so you should focus your marketing strategies on that factor.

2. The Importance of Complex Queries

Since voice search queries are expected to expand the influence of Google beyond the boundaries of the desktop, more complex and longer queries are predicted. This was one of the reasons for Google to introduce the Hummingbird Algorithm, which has been designed to satisfy mobile users with better results. In this way, the Internet users are not searching for exact keywords, but for more complex phrases. This should shift the focus of content marketers, who need to examine and understand the intentions of the users’ search in order to address the website’s content to their specific needs.

Example query: “What’s the closest place to French dinner to my home?”

3. Content is Still the Most Important Factor!

Hummingbird aims to understand the intent of a certain query and deliver the most accurate search results. This means that you need to understand and predict the questions of your target group and develop content that will answer them. You will definitely rank high according to this algorithm if you address your audience’s needs properly.

Google isn’t looking for simple and plain articles to deliver as search results, but for more unique content that will satisfy the reader’s requirements. The content of your websites should be different than what your competition is offering. If you deliver unique and interesting content to your readers, you can be sure that they will be coming back for more. When Google detects the increased traffic towards your website, it will send even more Internet users to your address.

Conclusion: What to Do after the Update?

If you didn’t do anything horrible in terms of SEO before the Hummingbird update, you have nothing to be worried about. The concept of quality content is still the main thing you should be focused on, and you should keep doing what you have been doing in order to satisfy Google.

You need to get familiarized with the semantic search and use that knowledge to your advantage. Hummingbird changes Google by not giving very shallow results anymore. This algorithm understands the meaning of the searched phrase and delivers the most accurate results. This is an important indicator for SEO improvement: you need to learn what your target audience really wants and provide the most satisfying answers to its queries.

You will rank better on Google if you are an expert in your field. Get interested about the problems, needs, and intents of your audience and give them solutions!

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  • Alice I’m glad i came to this post, I’ve been worried a lot of what to do and what not after hummingbird was introduced by Google. I had planned a few things for my website but now I am confused about proceeding. I will surely use a lot of content as suggested by you. Also i had read at a post in searchengineland that Your Guest blogging posts should be in Question Answer format so that i will help users. What do you think?

  • Technically speaking, the impact of hummingbird on my blog is almost negligible. At max, the listing might have dropped by one or two. The only rule that a follow is basic on page optimisation and good content. In a nutshell it is all about quality content.

  • I appreciate this article, Now Google prefers only content. Thanks

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