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Ann Smarty
Ann is a search and social marketer running and promoting her own projects. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing and tutorials.

Social Media Internship Opps for 2014

Social Media Internship

Social media has quickly gone from being a personal hobby to a professional skill that every business is looking for in a candidate. When you apply for numerous positions, it is a benefit to say you have experience working with social media in such a context. Especially if you plan on going into public relations, marketing, or business full stop. Internships have been popping up all over the country that are based around social media experience. In 2014, there are some incredible opportunities for people who want to learn the ins and outs of using social media as a marketing ... Read More »

Best Hawaii Business, Startup and Social Media Conferences

Startup Weekend University of Hawaii

Your boss tells you that you have to go to a business conference this year…boo, right? Many of us dread the annual gathering of the industry, with their long sessions and networking. It is constant work, away from home, and can be quite exhausting. Many are also held in areas that are far from appealing during the off time. Anyone who has spent time not in sessions up in their hotel room, watching Pay Per View and eating $10 cashews out of a mini bar will know the feeling. Now just imaging that you could go back to your boss ... Read More »

5 Inbound Marketing Events You Can Still Register at

Inbound Marketing Events

Inbound marketing has become a much wider genre since the creation of social media and the prominence of advertising online. Every year it grows and expands further, with new techniques and trends to learn and explore. Not to mention the changes being developed from the platforms themselves. For those who are within or affected by the industry, there are quite a few fantastic events they can take part in. There are five that are still on their way, and each are worth attending. 1. DreamForce This isn’t technically an inbound marketing conference, but that niche is still going to be ... Read More »

Tips For Creating A Truly Good Infographic

Creating A Truly Good Infographic

In the beginning of the internet content was rather limited. Message boards were king, and the only real drive was communication and networking. But over time that changed as the technology became more sophisticated, and imagery has been an important element to that progression. Now you wouldn’t think about publishing content that didn’t have some sort of visual reference, not unless it was a purely academic or technical work. Thanks to Pinterest images are becoming an even more powerful tool in the world of marketing. In particular, a good infographic can easily be launched into viral status. That is, as ... Read More »

How Social Media Can Make Image Marketing Hotter


Pictures have always been a part of marketing. One of the primary rules of all marketing is to show whenever possible, don’t just tell. So finding the right picture for an advertisement, for example, was a crucial part of the entire process. This is still an important part of marketing online, even if a number of the needs, and so methods, have changed over time. But there was a big change to the overall landscape a couple of years ago. Something that took the entire concept of image marketing and made it into something completely different and a lot hotter. ... Read More »