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Android or iOS: Which Grass Is Greener

Android or iOS

A good old adversary between iOS and Android makes adherents of the both parties chew over statistical reports finding proofs for their own superiority. Recently, there have been a lot of researches, studies and reports which figures can be accounted for the both parties benefit provided that the figures displayed there are well treated and manipulated. The latest App Annie report has been released and it shows that Google Play’s total app downloads are exceeding those of Apple by 10% in the second quarter of 2013. Among other interesting statistical facts one should mention a huge increase in apps for ... Read More »

Top Apps for People with Disabilities

People with Disabilities

For all our griping about the evils of gadget dependency, there’s something to be said for the way most devices are able to make lives easier–especially the lives of those with disabilities. Take for example Noah Rahman who has moderate Cerebral Palsy, which affects his upper and lower body movement, cognition, and communication skills. In 2010, a developmental specialist diagnosed the then two-year-old Noah as “being at least 12 months behind.” This all changed when Noah’s Dad Sami got him an iPad. In just four months, Noah’s fine motor skills have significantly improved, as well as his language and cognition, ... Read More »

Google Hangouts – A New Messenger by Google

Google Hangouts Messenger

The Google Talk history is probably the longest and the strangest history for Google. Sometimes they “lost the source code“ for the app and it weren’t upgraded for years, then the messenger was changed with every new launch of a different service – the most recent change occurred when the company launched Google+. And it has always been difficult for a user to understand which messenger he has been using. This lead to them using third-party apps. The most vivid examples are WhatsApp messenger and Viber which are integrated with your contacts. A couple of days ago during Google I/O ... Read More »

Blackberry Extends BBM Chat to iOS and Android

BlackBerry Messenger on Apple's iPhone and Google's Android

Have you heard the latest buzz? BlackBerry is making its Messenger (a.k.a BBM) real-time messaging service available on Apple’s iPhone and iPad and Google’s Android platforms from summer. BBM was the original free messaging service between BlackBerry users and now the company is abandoning its platform exclusivity to generate more revenue for the company. Who Says What on BBM? Andrew Bocking, software vice president announced the move on Tuesday at the company’s developer conference. He said: “the time is definitely right for BBM to become a multi-platform mobile service. BBM has always been one of the most engaging services for ... Read More »

“Google Now” Being Tested for Google’s Homepage: Get Access to Right Information Right Now!

Google Now

It’s only a matter of time! The iconic homepage of Internet search giant Google is about to change. According to Google news website, Google System, Google is working on bringing its personalized homepage feature previously used in its Android phones to the web and to its home page. Google Now, the well efficient personal assistant from Google, available for latest Android OS 4.1 users and users of more advance devices so far, will soon to be made available to general users. Some codes from a page tested by Google offers more insight on this feature, reports Google System, unofficial news ... Read More »