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You Are Using Your Android Phone Wrong

Android Malware

You download apps; you browse the web; you sometimes even call and text on your fancy Android smartphone. However, it’s still more than likely that you aren’t using your phone like you should. Smartphones are quickly replacing traditional computers as web users’ preferred devices. In fact, experts at Wired predict that it will only be another two years before many people ditch their desktops and laptops for good, switching to an entirely mobile online existence. Yet, even in 2016, more than 39 percent of smartphone-wielding Americans fail to employ even minimal security measures on their phones. It is nearly unthinkable ... Read More »

Android Security Is In The Green Zone Now

Android Security

Android platform which was initially owned by Android Inc. was brought by Google in 2005 and has become the top most selling operating system since 2013. As compared with the Apple’s iOS, Android has 1.4 billion active users who are appreciating this modern innovation. Android operating system is famous for its user-friendly interface and open-source nature. Android OS is used in mostly touch screen mobile phones viz. smartphones, tablets, notebooks. Apart from touch screen devices, Google has now developed this operating system for the use in cars, television sets, gaming consoles, wrist watches and digital cameras.The use of Android is ... Read More »

Android App Development: An Incredible 10 Minutes Guide

Android App Development

We all know that popularity of mobile apps is increasing with a rapid pace. Whether it is the matter of ordering food or shopping online, everything can be easily and quickly done with the help of sophisticatedly developed smartphone applications. The latest mobile app marketing statistics reveals that “number of total smart phones in the world” has crossed the total population figure in 2015. This fact is clearly indicating that mobile app development is really going to be a top growing industry in upcoming years. Especially the app development in Android, that alone acquires the market share of more than ... Read More »

11 Out Of The World Tips To Make Your Mobile App Successful

Make Successful Mobile App

Do you have an amazing idea, planning to create a mobile app, but still wondering whether you will be able to make it a big hit or not, have doubts, not sure how to go about it. Do not worry, here I am with the most amazing and simple tips for you to consider while creating your first smartphone application. 01. Picking up the idea Your idea of creating an amazing smartphone app may be the result of your mental preparation going on for months or because of that one simple moment in which the idea clicked your mind and ... Read More »

Top 10 New Social Media Apps for 2015

10 New Social Media Apps For 2015

The social media industry is not new anymore, and yet it is still exploding with growth. You don’t have to be an expert to know who the big players are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. (You could include Instagram but it’s a part of Facebook now). But, there is a lot more to social media than those apps, including some interesting up and coming platforms. So let’s talk about some new social media apps you need to get to know this year. Bubbly Bubbly is a social media network based in voice. Users can create voice messages. They can ... Read More »