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Five Ways to Master Instagram for Your Business

Instagram for Your Business

In June 2016, Instagram passed the 500 million user mark. Each day, over 95 million photos are shared, and 4.2 billion “likes” are given. If you have a product, service, or company that you’re trying to market and you aren’t already using Instagram, you’re missing out on a massive market that is glued to their screens for hours a day, and one that shows no signs of stopping as it continues to rise as one of the most popular social media outlets on the web. Breaking into any new social media market is intimidating. You’ve got to learn the ins-and-outs of the app, gain ... Read More »

How Facebook Prevents Students from Essay Writing?

Facebook Prevents Students from Essay Writing

The art of essay writing is a must-have skill for every student who looks forward to studying at an elite university.  Unfortunately, that is a skill that most students lack these days. Many educators attribute this lack of proper English writing skill to the growing usage of social media sites such as Facebook. Prominent social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of teenage students as regular users. These students follow a very different English writing style on those sites and it perpetually changes the way they write English. These days, there are many ways to access social media ... Read More »

Want To Find Bugs For Facebook? That Might Not Be Such A Good Idea

Facebook Bug Bounty

I’ll be the first to admit that Facebook’s bug bounty system is a brilliant idea. For the uninitiated, how it works is pretty simple: report a security issue to Facebook, and they’ll pay you a tidy sum for the effort. To date, they’ve paid out over $1 million in bounties. Nice, right? Yeah…but only if you understand the rules. See, security researcher Wesley Wineberg has landed himself in a bit of hot water after tinkering with an Instagram vulnerability he discovered last month. Best known as the guy who received $24,000 from Microsoft for killing off a dangerous Outlook worm, ... Read More »

5 Social Media Trends You Must Invest In for Online Success

Social Media Trends You Must Invest In for Online Success

A new year is a new opportunity to achieve your business goals. Evaluate your former social media marketing strategies and see what works best for your business. Improve or eliminate what does not work. Keep moving forward and press on to your goals. But, how? You must be aware of the different emerging trends in social media to keep up and improve the quality of your services. Long-term success goes along with continuous learning. Here are 2016’s social media trends you must invest in for your business’s online success: Twitter’s Conversational Ads Last 5th of January, Twitter launched the conversational ... Read More »

Facebook for Business is Dead

Facebook for Business is Dead

Don’t just read this title and go delete your personal profile and business page, fire your social media expert or virtual assistant and leave the social media giant behind forever. Don’t fire your marketing director who swears by Facebook ads and algorithms, and move on to some other media avenue. Read on first Because Facebook is not dead. In fact, social media is a vital component to any business public relations strategy. “The unique ability that we have through social media is to reach to people and for them to communicate back to us,” says Jeanine Guidry of George Washington ... Read More »