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5 Social Media Trends You Must Invest In for Online Success

Social Media Trends You Must Invest In for Online Success

A new year is a new opportunity to achieve your business goals. Evaluate your former social media marketing strategies and see what works best for your business. Improve or eliminate what does not work. Keep moving forward and press on to your goals. But, how? You must be aware of the different emerging trends in social media to keep up and improve the quality of your services. Long-term success goes along with continuous learning. Here are 2016’s social media trends you must invest in for your business’s online success: Twitter’s Conversational Ads Last 5th of January, Twitter launched the conversational ... Read More »

Facebook for Business is Dead

Facebook for Business is Dead

Don’t just read this title and go delete your personal profile and business page, fire your social media expert or virtual assistant and leave the social media giant behind forever. Don’t fire your marketing director who swears by Facebook ads and algorithms, and move on to some other media avenue. Read on first Because Facebook is not dead. In fact, social media is a vital component to any business public relations strategy. “The unique ability that we have through social media is to reach to people and for them to communicate back to us,” says Jeanine Guidry of George Washington ... Read More »

Astonishing Approaches to Utilize Your Facebook for Viable Marketing

Facebook Marketing

There are incalculable articles on the most proficient method to market with your Facebook page. Yet, as you’ve likely perceived, Facebook scope can be horrid in case you’re not purchasing Facebook promotions. That is the place Facebook profiles come in. No, you can’t set one up for your business. At the same time you can utilize your own particular individual profile for promoting: your brand, your business, and your substance in this post, we’re going to take a gander at things you can do with your Facebook profile that will help your advertising endeavors. Organize in Facebook Group: In case ... Read More »

Top Reasons Marketers Should Expand Video Content to Facebook

Expand Video Content To Facebook

Summer of 2015 may go down in the annals of social media history as the definitive tipping point when Facebook finally usurped YouTube’s domination of the online video space. Every few days this summer, Facebook’s announced (or sometimes just denied or simply refused to comment on) an array of attractive new features that are designed to make video consumption on their platform easier and more relevant to users. And these aren’t mundane, showy or gimmicky one-offs.  They’re genuine improvements to the user experience, whether you’re a viewer or content creator. Additions that outpace those being made over at Google-owned YouTube ... Read More »

Facebook Instant Article and Its Potential as a New Publishing Format

Facebook instant Articles

A month has passed since Facebook rolled out its much-awaited “Instant Articles” project for iPhone users.  After its much-hyped launch, Facebook has gotten awfully quiet about this project. But today, with The Guardian posting its first-ever Instant Article, it seems that Instant articles are back on menu. According to Pew Research Center, 30% of U.S. adults who use social networking sites regularly get news from Facebook.  Facebook has become a primary channel for the distribution of media of all types, and rightfully so.   Where else can the publishers reach such a gigantic audience? Now, iPhone users can get access to ... Read More »