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Top Reasons Marketers Should Expand Video Content to Facebook

Expand Video Content To Facebook

Summer of 2015 may go down in the annals of social media history as the definitive tipping point when Facebook finally usurped YouTube’s domination of the online video space. Every few days this summer, Facebook’s announced (or sometimes just denied or simply refused to comment on) an array of attractive new features that are designed to make video consumption on their platform easier and more relevant to users. And these aren’t mundane, showy or gimmicky one-offs.  They’re genuine improvements to the user experience, whether you’re a viewer or content creator. Additions that outpace those being made over at Google-owned YouTube ... Read More »

Facebook Instant Article and Its Potential as a New Publishing Format

Facebook instant Articles

A month has passed since Facebook rolled out its much-awaited “Instant Articles” project for iPhone users.  After its much-hyped launch, Facebook has gotten awfully quiet about this project. But today, with The Guardian posting its first-ever Instant Article, it seems that Instant articles are back on menu. According to Pew Research Center, 30% of U.S. adults who use social networking sites regularly get news from Facebook.  Facebook has become a primary channel for the distribution of media of all types, and rightfully so.   Where else can the publishers reach such a gigantic audience? Now, iPhone users can get access to ... Read More »

Facebook to Change the Way They Count Likes, Whether You Like It or Not

Facebook Like Counter

On March 5th, Facebook published a blog post titled “Making Page Likes More Meaningful.” In that blog, Facebook chalks out how and why they are going to remove certain inactive accounts next week from the like counts from its pages.  This move is likely to result in a drop in likes for the page owners. Facebook said that there are two main reasons why behind this bold move. First of all, with this move, Facebook wants to improve business outcomes by offering “businesses up-to-date insights on the people who actively follow their page and make it easier for businesses to ... Read More »

Facebook Marketing Strategies – 7 Examples from Top Brands

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Companies of any size that want to establish strong social media presence often start with Facebook due to its massive reach. Brands that are successful on Facebook aren’t just racking up fans, they’re also generating comments and shares which have a much more lasting impact. Despite sharing similar goals, some of the top Facebook brands use different approaches to create engaging Facebook pages. Each of these top seven brands below employs a different approach to build a Facebook fan base. Each brand is successful at spurring conversation and enticing customers towards a certain action. And that’s a lesson for brands ... Read More »

What’s Behind Facebook Big Buy?

Mark Zuckerberg

The news about Facebook buying WhatsApp has traveled around the world with the speed of light. And the main reason for such a buzz about this deal is the money that has been paid for the messenger: $19 bln (according to Reuters). Even today, in the world of big money, such a sum seems to be ridiculous when paying for a messenger. What are the motives behind this acquisition? The only person to know them for sure is, obviously, Zuckerberg. But we can make some guesses. Facebook can’t find new users Facebook is already notoriously known for its fake clicks ... Read More »