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10 Custom Social Segments for Universal Analytics

Google Universial Analytics

Google’s roll-out of the new Universal Analytics has created a lot of turmoil for social media marketers trying to keep consistent analytics data. They launched it with very spotty documentation while also trashing data from before August 2013. Now Google has announced it will be forcing everyone to upgrade to Universal Analytics in the coming months. The new data sets have already been rolled out to most accounts, which may leave you wondering how to continue tracking social metrics with the new format. Here’s some great news for social media marketers — UA offers much deeper insights into social media ... Read More »

7 SEO Tips for a Post Panda and Penguin Universe

7 SEO Tips Post Panda and Penguin

SEO isn’t what it was. A lot has changed from the days of Meta information rush, stuffing keywords, and the constant drill of writing content for the spiders. Google has taken the role of policing the web and that explains the release of a few algorithm updates (including the recent Hummingbird update) that has changed the way we optimize pages for search. Recommended Reading: Recommended SEO Practices After Google Hummingbird Update Here are at least seven tips to follow if you want your website to stand the tide of Google’s constant attacks on content (and hence your business): SEO is for ... Read More »

Two Ad Rivals Opening the Doors to One Another: Facebook’s Ad Exchange Welcomes Google’s DoubleClick

Facebook's Ad Exchange Welcomes Google’s DoubleClick

It’s an unlikely partnership but Facebook and Google will be working together. It was announced recently that Google’s DoubleClick will now have access to Facebook’s Ad Exchange (FBX) for retargeted advertisements on Facebook. What exactly does this mean? In 2007, Google announced its purchase of DoubleClick for 3.1 billion dollars. DoubleClick provides a popular demand side platform for marketers to purchase online display advertising through a real-time bidding platform.  Since its acquisition by Google, DoubleClick has established itself as a one-stop shop for marketers to purchase advertising from a number of web publishers and ad exchanges all under one roof. ... Read More »

After-Penguin Digital Marketing Strategies, Plus When to Seek Help from Individuals or Companies

After Google Penguin Digital Marketing Strategies

We all know the pain and drama after all the latest Google algorithm changes: websites disappearing from the main pages, anti-spam wars carried out with precision, a lot of angry webmasters. But the main questions remain: How to undo all the harm in case your website has been hit? How to plan a strategy that will not fail this time and that respects the new “laws of the new worldwide web”? And should your “DIY” search engine optimization strategy fail, who to seek help from: another professional or a company specializing in marketing strategies? Hopefully, you will have your answer ... Read More »

Recommended SEO Practices After Google Hummingbird Update

Recommended SEO Practices

The latest update to Google’s core algorithm is named Hummingbird, which says it all – this update is aimed at swiftness and accuracy. This is the biggest change to Google’s underpinnings since early 2010, when the Caffeine upgrade was introduced. To most Google users, the search results won’t be significantly different. However, there was an inevitable need for new mathematical formulas to handle the trend of more complex queries and increased smartphone searches. When you consider the fact that this is the biggest change in Google’s algorithm in 12 years, you can’t avoid asking yourself how it will affect your ... Read More »