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Google Teams Up With Twitter Again: What Does It Mean To SERPs?

Deal for Google to include Twitter tweets in Google search results

Google has rekindled its romance with Twitter last week when it struck a deal with the blue bird of social media. A few years ago Google had access to the Twitter, but that agreement expired in 2011. After that, tweets have gone mostly unindexed. Some sources even claim that there are less than 8% tweets can be seen in Google SERP. Google is the biggest name in search engines with about 75% of market share. Twitter too is one of the most influential social media mughals.  A deal between them will pretty much change the social search scene. About the ... Read More »

7 SEO Trends to Improve the Chi of Your Site in 2015

SEO Trends in 2015

As each day coming to an end, we are getting a step closer to 2015. Now is the time to reflect on this year’s mistakes, learn from it and prepare for the next year. I wish the world of SEO was that simple. In the world of organic search, the algorithm can change the rhythm and trends anytime, turning the world upside down.  And that means one day you were the king and the next day, Pooff!!! Come to think, in 2014, there’s been 14 (13 according to Moz’s change History + everybody is talking about a holiday Penguin update) ... Read More »

3 Lessons from Google Updates You Won’t Want to Miss

Lessons From Google Updates

But first, some background . . . Search Engines Wrapped Up Developed in the early 1990s, search engines are systems that search for and identify information on the World Wide Web. Originally, search engines operated by web crawling and indexing. Searches were performed using keywords. With these keywords, search engines extracted search engine results pages (SERPS). Search engines continued to develop through the ‘90s from Archie (the very first search program) to the search engines of today, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Google’s Strategy Google established itself as a leading search engine in 1996. Before Google came along, other ... Read More »

4 Google Analytics Time Hacks that Will Strengthen Your Marketing

Google Analytics Time Hacks

If you are like most marketers, your time is limited. It’s much easier to collect only vanity metrics, such as page views and social followers. The problem is that data requires analysis. You need some hacks to help you save time but still get the actionable metrics you need. Actionable metrics lead increased ROI. With some strategic effort in Google Analytics, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish. Time Hack 1: Determine if your metrics are actionable It’s time to admit if you have a problem. Are you truly collecting the right metrics?  Some data is more actionable ... Read More »

10 Custom Social Segments for Universal Analytics

Google Universial Analytics

Google’s roll-out of the new Universal Analytics has created a lot of turmoil for social media marketers trying to keep consistent analytics data. They launched it with very spotty documentation while also trashing data from before August 2013. Now Google has announced it will be forcing everyone to upgrade to Universal Analytics in the coming months. The new data sets have already been rolled out to most accounts, which may leave you wondering how to continue tracking social metrics with the new format. Here’s some great news for social media marketers — UA offers much deeper insights into social media ... Read More »