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The Future of Video, How Powerful Is It? (Infographic)

Future power of Video

Consumer internet video traffic is predicted to be 80% of all the consumer internet traffic worldwide by 2019. Consumer video-on-demand traffic is forecast to double in the same timeframe and high definition will be 70% of this. Video content and engagement is extremely high amongst consumers. In fact, it is so powerful that more than three out of four people say that they have bought a product or service, after watching a video about it. Video is also having a huge impact on brands with half of them already using video in their content marketing strategies. 7 in 10 people ... Read More »

Killer SEO Checklist : The Ultimate SEO Guide for all Businesses (Infographic)

Killer SEO Checklist

For your business to do exceptionally well in the online world, it is important that you keep yourself updated with latest tactics and tricks involving SEO. Since its only through SEO that you can rank well in search engines and create a brand name for your business, learning about the latest trends and applying them on your website is a must. However, the scope of SEO is very vast and as such isolating important SEO factors from the not so important factors can be a daunting task. Additionally, with newer updates being published almost every day, keeping a tab on ... Read More »

Your Business Is Failing Modern Customers (Infographic)

Your Business Is Failing Modern Customers

The data and infographic come from New York Times best-selling author and customer service expert, Jay Baer, who researched the rise of customer complaint trends for his sixth book, Hug Your Haters. Written as a response to the rise social media customer backlash, Hug Your Haters argues that the mindset to “pick and choose” as to when to respond to criticism is an incredibly costly mistake for many businesses. Here are some data points: 80% of businesses think they deliver superior customer service – but only 8% of customers believe they receive it. 82% of US consumers say they’ve stopped doing business ... Read More »

Top 50 Features Every Small Business Website Should Have (Infographic)

50 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have

As a small business owner, your priorities are to grow, make money, and ensure customer satisfaction. There is no better way to achieve these things than to create an inviting and clean webpage for your company. Many small businesses today don’t even have a store front – they solely operate online. So if your business does not have a good website that can generate leads while you are sleeping then you are losing out. It’s time to get online and grow that company. Here is a comprehensive infographic which will provide 50 features to include in your small business website. ... Read More »

28 Ways Businesses and Ordinary Users Can Protect Their Sensitive Online Data

Protect Online Data

The distinct upward curve of data breaches is today’s major security and privacy concern. Millions of accounts are being leaked as big companies undergo persistent hacker attacks. Banks get compromised all the time, not to mention the notorious Anthem and Ashley Madison breach incidents that took place recently. Sensitive data ends up being sold on hacker forums for cheap. Organizations try to meet information security standards, but a lot of them fail. Even though the cyber realm is not new, to put it mildly, we still lack effective policies and procedures that protect us. To top it off, governments and ... Read More »