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30 Reasons – Pinterest Will Rule in 2014 (Infographic)

Pinterest Will Rule in 2014

As much as we would like to think Facebook is the most powerful social media tool, our friends at Omnicore make a good argument that Pinterest has really picked up the pace and is here to rule over all the other social media tools. Here are the key points from the infographic: Pinterest has 70 million users There are 2.5 million monthly page views Pinterest attracts 1090 visitors per minute Pinterest user stays on the site for 15.8 minutes Pinterest is overwhelmingly used by women with a 83% women to 17% men ratio Pinterest is most popular among 35-54 years old users followed ... Read More »

Customer Service Survey Shows The Phone Is No Longer King! (Infographic)

Customer Service Channel Evolution

A recent Genesys survey found that consumers want customer service to be accessible at all times and on all channels, be it voice, e-mail, web chat, SMS, or via a mobile app. No new news to those of us in this industry, but let’s take a closer look. It now seems that the preferred channel for customer service is email – the landline phone has seen a huge 53% decrease in popularity as the preferred channel to contact customer service. Add to this the fact that 51% of customers use the company website first to resolve their questions before calling ... Read More »

9 Tips for Keeping Internet Usage Private (Infographic)

Keeping Your Internet Usage Private

Privacy and online security are hot topics in this digital age. With connectivity pervasive in pretty much every aspect of our lives, any concept of privacy can be questionable. From data mining to know what we are web searching, to knowing our circle of friends via social networks, to knowing even our exact locations through mobile tracking on our smart phones, it’s easy in the modern world to give away far too much information to the wrong people. How do you think those online dating ads know to appear when you change your relationship status, or how eerily specific travel ... Read More »

Global Social Media War (Infographics)

The Social Media War

Social networking sites are covering a vast area in the online field and world-wise became most popular way of communication, which helps to connect socially with friends, family, and business associates in different areas & different sectors. As social network became the number one online source and there is no age limitation, so its popularity expanding among the number of people. In comparison to last few years more than 79% people are using social networking sites. Social media world build a smooth, as well as a deeper platform that keeps users busy and engaged. The use of networking world is ... Read More »

Paul Walker Tops Social Movie Charts (Infographics)

Paul Walker

Expion, a social software company, put together an infographic that ranks 2013’s top 10 grossing movies by Facebook fan engagement that I thought you might be interested in checking out. Expion analyzed the Facebook pages of ten movies, including over 2,500 posts, from Jan. 1 – Dec. 5, 2013, to find out which film has the most engaged Facebook fans. The infographic highlights engagement rates for each movie overall, each day of the week and top characters/actors such as Paul Walker, Katniss and the Minions. Fast & the Furious tops the social charts: Paul Walker is the face of two ... Read More »