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iPhone 5S – Top New 11 Features

iPhone 5s

This week Apple has finally presented its new gadgets – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. iPhone 5S is designed to replace the current iPhone 5 which will be taken out of market. The newly released iPhone 5S works on A7 chipset which is now used only in high-end mobile devices. And the company builds in a fingerprint scanner in the Home button, the only mechanical button located below the screen. However, let’s look at all the new features one by one. New Colors. Previously, the brand colors of iPhones were black and white. But following the market tendencies, Apple has ... Read More »

Blackberry Extends BBM Chat to iOS and Android

BlackBerry Messenger on Apple's iPhone and Google's Android

Have you heard the latest buzz? BlackBerry is making its Messenger (a.k.a BBM) real-time messaging service available on Apple’s iPhone and iPad and Google’s Android platforms from summer. BBM was the original free messaging service between BlackBerry users and now the company is abandoning its platform exclusivity to generate more revenue for the company. Who Says What on BBM? Andrew Bocking, software vice president announced the move on Tuesday at the company’s developer conference. He said: “the time is definitely right for BBM to become a multi-platform mobile service. BBM has always been one of the most engaging services for ... Read More »

Most Noteworthy Incidents Of Combusting Apple Devices

Apple iPhone Explodes

We’ve all heard the stories that have become almost urban legend—someone left a phone charging, and it was overcharged to the point that it exploded, setting a house, and sometimes even a person, on fire. Similar warning messages have been passed around from one social media platform to another, about how you should never sleep with your phone charging next to you, lest you wake up with your bed on fire. It’s usually accompanied by a very convincing image of a burnt mattress and a smoldering phone next to it. What To Look Out For It’s true that we should ... Read More »

6 Mobile Games You Should Never Let Your Kid Play

Mobile Games Kids Should Avoid

The world of mobile games is so vast that it’s difficult to keep track of everything that’s available to your kids today. To keep them safe, you should always use parental controls and double-check anything they’ve downloaded. You should also keep a particular lookout for overly inappropriate games, like those featured here. Talking Tom Cat 2: Easy Ways to Waste Money The Talking Tom Cat 2 app is simple in its design and maniacally brilliant in its attempt to encourage spending. Advertisements and add-ons pop up in lots of unlikely places, making them an easy click for your kids. All this ... Read More »

Why Samsung Galaxy S4 is Not an iPhone 5 Killer

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone5

After the Samsung Galaxy S4 official announcement, Internet has been crammed with all kinds of comparisons of the device with the latest Apple’s iPhone 5. It’s interesting how media try to make a new iPhone killer out of every new powerful Android device. Actually, this only confirms Apple’s leading positions at the market as their devices are still remain to be a standard. If to speak about Galaxy S4, it has greater specifications than iPhone 5: more cores, more RAM, better camera, bigger display. In addition to that, there are different interesting features from Samsung like Eye-scrolling, S Voice, Air ... Read More »