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9 Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2015

Content Marketing Trends in 2015

Excalibur might have been a great weapon in a time when King Arthur graced the throne of England. However, if you put it against modern weapons, it will appear blunt and inefficient. Similar is the case of traditional content. In the age of multichannel communication, real-time marketing and on the go communication device, the traditional content marketing techniques don’t stand a chance. Chances are they will perform far poorly than the fabled Excalibur. Content marketing is one of the most dynamic areas of online marketing. You can expect it to change its techniques every few days. True much of it ... Read More »

7 SEO Trends to Improve the Chi of Your Site in 2015

SEO Trends in 2015

As each day coming to an end, we are getting a step closer to 2015. Now is the time to reflect on this year’s mistakes, learn from it and prepare for the next year. I wish the world of SEO was that simple. In the world of organic search, the algorithm can change the rhythm and trends anytime, turning the world upside down.  And that means one day you were the king and the next day, Pooff!!! Come to think, in 2014, there’s been 14 (13 according to Moz’s change History + everybody is talking about a holiday Penguin update) ... Read More »

7 SEO Tips for a Post Panda and Penguin Universe

7 SEO Tips Post Panda and Penguin

SEO isn’t what it was. A lot has changed from the days of Meta information rush, stuffing keywords, and the constant drill of writing content for the spiders. Google has taken the role of policing the web and that explains the release of a few algorithm updates (including the recent Hummingbird update) that has changed the way we optimize pages for search. Recommended Reading: Recommended SEO Practices After Google Hummingbird Update Here are at least seven tips to follow if you want your website to stand the tide of Google’s constant attacks on content (and hence your business): SEO is for ... Read More »

The 5 New Rules Of Link Building For 2013

Rules Of Link Building

Following the Penguin 2.1 update earlier this year and Google’s many claims, you might think link building as a technique is fairly redundant and isn’t worth your time and effort these days –but guess what? That’s just not the case. While Google might claim they don’t put as much emphasis on a site’s backlinks when it comes to ranking factors these days, evidence from all over the globe suggests otherwise – so it might not be the time to hang up your link building boots just yet! Yes, the emphasis on your site’s backlink profile might have shifted from quality ... Read More »

Recommended SEO Practices After Google Hummingbird Update

Recommended SEO Practices

The latest update to Google’s core algorithm is named Hummingbird, which says it all – this update is aimed at swiftness and accuracy. This is the biggest change to Google’s underpinnings since early 2010, when the Caffeine upgrade was introduced. To most Google users, the search results won’t be significantly different. However, there was an inevitable need for new mathematical formulas to handle the trend of more complex queries and increased smartphone searches. When you consider the fact that this is the biggest change in Google’s algorithm in 12 years, you can’t avoid asking yourself how it will affect your ... Read More »