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Customer Service Goals to Make 2016 the Best Year for Your Customers

Customer Service Goals 2016

Another year has gone by and we are still living in the golden age of customer service. However, there’s always scope for improvement. So, it’s time to set the goals and start working on them. Here are a few customer service goals that businesses must adhere to if they want to win over their customers. Let’s take a look at customer service goals 2016. Be accessible, respond promptly: Accessibility and responsiveness are two of the four most common features of the highest-rated in customer service businesses. Responsiveness and access are considered as the most vital determinants of customer satisfaction. Give ... Read More »

Facebook for Business is Dead

Facebook for Business is Dead

Don’t just read this title and go delete your personal profile and business page, fire your social media expert or virtual assistant and leave the social media giant behind forever. Don’t fire your marketing director who swears by Facebook ads and algorithms, and move on to some other media avenue. Read on first Because Facebook is not dead. In fact, social media is a vital component to any business public relations strategy. “The unique ability that we have through social media is to reach to people and for them to communicate back to us,” says Jeanine Guidry of George Washington ... Read More »

Candy: The Tool to Make Use of All the Knowledge on the Web

Candy - Organize your favorite web content

If you ever felt lost when trying to save snippets of information from various sources, this is the tool you should have a look at. Whether writing a blog or your thesis, doing research on the web, or just collecting info for your next trip, this tool lets you mark and save exactly those pieces of info that you want to keep at hand. The developers of Candy claim that you’ll be able too work with the collected information as freely and flexibly as you do when playing around with ideas in your mind. The app is currently in beta, ... Read More »

Gamification Brings Out The Best In Your Team

Gamification Brings Out The Best In Your Team

Sales is always about numbers and quotas. If you are in sales, you know it well! Your target is always there in the back of your head no matter what. While in most cases numbers are just the results that we measure, we forget that having  the right process in place to achieve the desired outcome is equally important. Let’s say your target this month is to close more deals. You’ll need more leads and qualified prospects to achieve that, in which case “calls” are the key. More calls will translate to better qualification, so making more calls is the ... Read More »

Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Everything on the internet has a purpose these days, and content is no longer created for its own sake. In an era where content marketing is so important, clearly defining a content strategy is essential for those who wish to excel against their competitors. Fail to strategize and your content will drown on Google’s last pages. Create poor quality content and you might find your SEO rankings negatively impacted. If you’re going to create content, it has to be great, and until you’re ready to produce such top-notch content it might be better to wait. Drem Designs sums it up ... Read More »