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Gamification Brings Out The Best In Your Team

Gamification Brings Out The Best In Your Team

Sales is always about numbers and quotas. If you are in sales, you know it well! Your target is always there in the back of your head no matter what. While in most cases numbers are just the results that we measure, we forget that having  the right process in place to achieve the desired outcome is equally important. Let’s say your target this month is to close more deals. You’ll need more leads and qualified prospects to achieve that, in which case “calls” are the key. More calls will translate to better qualification, so making more calls is the ... Read More »

Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Everything on the internet has a purpose these days, and content is no longer created for its own sake. In an era where content marketing is so important, clearly defining a content strategy is essential for those who wish to excel against their competitors. Fail to strategize and your content will drown on Google’s last pages. Create poor quality content and you might find your SEO rankings negatively impacted. If you’re going to create content, it has to be great, and until you’re ready to produce such top-notch content it might be better to wait. Drem Designs sums it up ... Read More »

The 3 Rs of Email Marketing: Responsive, Responsible and Relevant

3 Rs Of Email Marketing

More than a decade ago PC World proclaimed emails as dead. Email marketing has been repeatedly killed for over five years too. So far, emails are not even comatose. And despite the explosion of social media and newer forms of digital marketing, email marketing seems to be holding its ground. That said, it is also true that a lot of business emails go unread. Not just a lot, but the majority. This means marketers need to try even harder and plan focused, personalized email marketing campaigns. So I’m going to suggest a formula of 3Rs for email marketing to help ... Read More »

Social Media Strategy: It Is Time to Revamp It

Social Media Strategy: It Is Time To Revamp It

Social media is the biggest thing in the town since the Internet came into existence. It changed the way we communicate, both at personal level and for commercial purposes. Even if you try your best, you will hardly succeed in finding a business that lacks a social presence. In fact, business owners are working hard to get on the social media bandwagon over the past few years. But do they really know how social media works? How to optimize it or fit social media into their business strategy? Perhaps not; at least not every one of them. Social media has ... Read More »

How the Older Generation Use Social Media (and How to Attract Them)

Older people use social media

While social media is synonymous with selfie-stricken millennials, lengthy teenage overshares and utterly adorable cats, there is a ballooning number of over 65s taking to the social media airwaves. But, far too often, is this large segment overlooked by marketers. Recent statistics demonstrate the dramatic change in our ageing population, with 1 in 6 people aged 65 or over (some 10 million). Making the portion of our population dubbed the ‘silversurfers’ mightier than ever before. But just how are the older generation using social media? Due to its very nature, our older generation are using social media networks to keep ... Read More »