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What’s The Social Media World Teaching Us These Days?

Social Media World Teaching

Are you sick of hearing about how fantastic the world of social media is? Have you noticed how despite all these fantastic “benefits” we have not gained anything tangible or positive? If you have not noticed these things, then here is a list of negative things that social media has “taught” us. It is teaching us how ignorant people are There are some extreme cases of ignorance on social media. There are pages dedicated to the harmful effects of childhood vaccinations, even though 98% of North Americans have had childhood inoculations and are happy and healthy. The ignorance doesn’t even ... Read More »

13 Social Media Post Ideas You Should Try Right Away

Social Media Post Ideas

It was simple in the pre-social media days. Brainstorm with the team, come up with an idea to communicate to your audience, create it, release it and rest easy (for a while, at least). The juggernaut of social media has ended that blissful era. Today, every marketer needs to be ready with fresh new ideas around the same communication objective, every single day. Make that multiple times a day. So how many different ways can you talk about a boring product like say, a CFL light bulb? Quite a few, actually. Here’s are 13 different approaches you can take while ... Read More »

Small Businesses: Online Presence Tips in the Home Improvement Industry

Online Presence Tips In The Home Improvement Industry

The Internet has become a global market for almost any industry. There is no denying the countless advantages that e-commerce has to offer for any type of business, too. However, having a web presence is a completely different thing altogether. It may not be effective to just have a website, without a strong social media presence and without a content marketing strategy. Search Engines, Social media communities and groups are the key to generating more traffic for your website, in order for you to gain more customers. While search engine web “spiders” (software that analyses content on every website and ... Read More »

5 Great Ways of Socializing Your Online Property

Ways of Socializing Your Online Property

The nature of social media is to generate engagement. In fact it is engagement in the form of personal interactions that is driving the growth social networks. The question is – are you bringing these social experiences to your website? Today’s website users are more discerning and demanding on the Internet than they ever were. They not only want user experiences that are relevant to their needs at any given point in time, but also demand a convergence of their experience on web and social. This means businesses can no longer think of their websites as entities isolated from the ... Read More »

Is Your Website Ready For A Big Marketing Campaign?

Website Ready For A Big Marketing Campaign?

An online business needs a boost from the marketing department in order to become and remain successful. It is by no means different from a brick and mortar business, like a shop for example. You need to find a way to reach your customer through good marketing, but before you attempt to make a serious advertising attempt, you need to make sure that everything functions well. While it is true that most websites experience a few bugs and some downtime in the first couple of months, it is also true that some bugs remain behind and can cause problems without ... Read More »