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Students Getting More Social Over Finances

student loans

College kids, budgets, and social media … oddly enough, these things do go together. We all know for most college students, it’s a pretty frugal time of life, like it or not. With credit cards so easy to acquire, many students still rack up debt that can haunt them for years to come. So besides laying off the credit cards, what else can they do manage their finances? Being smart is the best bet for managing money, and any tips can come in handy. Start by taking a look at social media for some financial tips; you may be surprised ... Read More »

What’s Behind Facebook Big Buy?

Mark Zuckerberg

The news about Facebook buying WhatsApp has traveled around the world with the speed of light. And the main reason for such a buzz about this deal is the money that has been paid for the messenger: $19 bln (according to Reuters). Even today, in the world of big money, such a sum seems to be ridiculous when paying for a messenger. What are the motives behind this acquisition? The only person to know them for sure is, obviously, Zuckerberg. But we can make some guesses. Facebook can’t find new users Facebook is already notoriously known for its fake clicks ... Read More »

Get Social over Your Vacation Plans

Taj Mahal Tourist Attractions

Looking to take a vacation? Planning has come a long way from the last generation of calling to request a brochure and making reservations by phone. Now you can scope out the perfect spot all in the cozy comfort of your own home, ask questions via email or social media, and see exactly what you’re getting before you even get there. Out of all the material one can find now on the perfect dream vacation, social media may be your best tool in making it just right, and turn into that actual dream instead of a nightmare. Hotels Getting Social ... Read More »

Nightlife and the Role of Social Media

Nightclubs use of social media

Nightclubs can make extremely good use of social media for marketing purposes, since the target audience is well within the core audience of networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular sites across the web. From standard marketing messages to the strong use of media and other tactics, these hot spots can appeal greatly to people in their area. How are some of the biggest and best nightclubs using social media to reach out to fans? Follow along as we examine some key examples in this industry. Look at Some of the Hottest Nightclubs You hardly ever have to reinvent ... Read More »

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

Beginner's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

How to Use LinkedIn Marketing Have you heard about LinkedIn Marketing in social networking site? Do you know how to utilize it? If not then it is time to learn about it. Being the most popular professional social sharing platform, LinkedIn has millions of users in more than 200 countries. There is no or less chances for businesses to waste time in being friendly with their LinkedIn followers since the mechanism in this site is more professional than being friendly. Hence you must have at least rudimentary knowledge about professional LinkedIn social media marketing tips, plan and strategy. You can put the following ... Read More »