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How the Older Generation Use Social Media (and How to Attract Them)

Older people use social media

While social media is synonymous with selfie-stricken millennials, lengthy teenage overshares and utterly adorable cats, there is a ballooning number of over 65s taking to the social media airwaves. But, far too often, is this large segment overlooked by marketers. Recent statistics demonstrate the dramatic change in our ageing population, with 1 in 6 people aged 65 or over (some 10 million). Making the portion of our population dubbed the ‘silversurfers’ mightier than ever before. But just how are the older generation using social media? Due to its very nature, our older generation are using social media networks to keep ... Read More »

5 Instagram To-Dos to Engage More Followers

Instagram To-Dos To Engage More Followers

Gone are the days when Twitter and Facebook were the only social networking platforms where business and its customers can share the same platform. Thanks to the modern technology, nowadays there are at least a handful social media sites that can help businesses bring their persona in front of its audience. These sites include:- Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin and Instagram These sites can help you get closer to your audience and engage them. However, the art of engagement is not the same for each of these sites. Each of these sites has their unique style of engagement. Don’t believe it? ... Read More »

Freelancing: What You Need to Know Before Actually Starting

Freelancing: What You Need

When you are active in a team or company, all departments work in sync managing to deliver at the end of the day results based on the expertise of a huge team of professionals. But what happens when you become a team of one? Yes, I’m talking about being a freelancer. Many people have heard or thought at least once about freelancing. Take a look at our highlights and what you need to know before starting Freelancing. Let us know if you would like to join a global movement of working remotely. We’ve also added some cool recommendations for your ... Read More »

How Big Data Can Help Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Big Data Can Help Your Digital Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest struggles and perhaps biggest opportunities for social media marketers is interpreting and acting upon qualitative information, rather than getting caught up in big data. Trying to extrapolate useful data from thousands upon thousands of posts may seem insurmountable, but due to a recent partnership between Google and Twitter last May, its relevancy in the marketing realm cannot be discounted. At that time, Twitter granted Google access to its firehose, which sprays nearly 9,000 tweets per second, into “crawlable” results. The intention for this is to provide timely information as soon as it becomes available. This was ... Read More »

Five Ways to Find Blog Topics Ideas Using Social Media

Find Blog Topics Ideas

What to write about? What to write about? What to write about? This is a question that keeps creeping into a bloggers mind every now and then. For me, it’s something that often bothers me while I’m showering, travelling, feeding my cat, and going about the daily humdrum of my life. Note, I am someone who is deemed to be tremendously creative. However, finding the most insightful, interesting, trending and educational topic in my blog’s niche every day, and I mean every day, is not a piece of cake. Sometimes, it can take hours of thinking and contemplating. They say ... Read More »