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Our Daily Internet Habits: A Minute-by-Minute Breakdown (Infographic)

global internet landscape

As the fourth annual installment of Data Never Sleeps illustrates, data is ubiquitous. It’s constantly pouring out of our smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and countless other devices that are all connected—and it continues to proliferate at an astounding rate. The latest research revealed an exponential rise in multimedia messaging, and a continued increase in consumption of video content. Users are sending more images, asking Siri for more information and altogether relying more heavily on the internet for all their information and social needs. The “Data Never Sleeps” infographic shows that on the whole, multimedia messaging is having a moment. It ... Read More »

Instagram’s Algorithm Change Leaves Social Media Professionals Skeptical

Instagram Algorithm Change

Instagram has stated in the past the growing need for an algorithm to ensure that users are viewing the posts that would be most important to them. After months of speculation, last week Instagram officially began rolling out an algorithm across the rapidly growing social media platform. This means users will now begin seeing posts out of chronological order and in a ranking determined by the new algorithm. This puts Instagram more in line with their parent company Facebook with respect to how content is delivered to its users. So how does this affect overall user experience? Moreover, how does ... Read More »

Interactive Content: The Missing Puzzle Piece to Your Content Strategy

interactive content

Over time, even the best content marketing strategy can become stale and lifeless. In order to keep your marketing initiatives moving forward, you must be willing to adapt and pivot according to the demands of the marketplace. In 2016 and beyond, it’s pretty clear that customer are demanding one very important medium: interactive content. Are you giving them what they want? What is Interactive Content? “The bar is set pretty high for modern marketers,” points out SnapApp, a leading content marketing platform. “Even with unprecedented budgets, headcounts, and resources, execution is hard. Tasked with the growing expectations of proving and ... Read More »

How We Increased Our Customer Feedback by 400%

Increase Customer Feedback By 400%

As a marketer at an early stage startup I am always trying to get customer feedback so we can make educated decisions on what to build next or which marketing channel to focus on. To do this, we previously built a survey on Google Forms and emailed our customers a link there. But only about 1% of our customers actually filled it out. That’s absolutely dismal and we knew we had to improve. I asked a startup group of Facebook for tips and someone suggested I check out YesInsights. What is YesInsights? YesInsights is a tool that allows you create ... Read More »

It’s All About .SOCIAL Domain

get .social domain, brand your social media presence

Social media networks come and go. How many of us remember MySpace? How about Xanga? LiveJournal anyone? The beauty of a .SOCIAL domain is that it evolves with you, and can redirect to Facebook today, Twitter tomorrow, and the social media platform of the future the following day. But even if the social media platform of choice is changing faster than most people change out their toothbrush, the influence of third party platforms on the internet continues to grow. There are currently nearly 3.5 billion internet users around the world, and over 2 billion active social media users. Gone are ... Read More »