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Workplace Interactions – Tips That Will Help You Communicate Better

Workplace Interactions

Building a professional career is not at all an easy thing to do. Regardless of the talent and the professionalism you possess, it still doesn’t come easy. There are a lot of hardships, trials and situations in which you need to persevere in order to reach your goal. Some of the issues can be connected to the work you do, perfecting your skills and adapting to the latest standards set by industry trends. Not everyone runs into problems when they start working with a team of people, but for some, this can be quite problematic. Regardless if you are doing ... Read More »

15 Ultimate Ways To Customize Email Unsubscribe Process

Email Unsubscribe Process

Healthy email marketing probably depends on the email marketers’ readiness to appreciate audiences’ preferences. If you do not wish to stay in the opt-in world, then opt-out approach should work well. Hanging on to the people who are not interested or do not want to stay engaged is about being irresponsible, not being determined. It is better to make unsubscribing from an email as easy as subscribing for an email is made. Every email marketer hates to see his customer leaving the subscriber’s list, but the fact is that it often happens. Whether it is just an attempt to clear ... Read More »

The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Couponing

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Couponing

Couponing: the age old task of using a small piece of paper to save astronomical amounts of money at the grocery store. Welcome to the age of the digital coupon. You no longer need a piece of paper, some scissors or the Sunday paper. All you need is a computer or a smartphone. From store offers, to in-app codes, and combining offers in get up to 90% off and free shipping, this guide has got you covered. Learn how to find digital coupons, utilize your app to best work for your needs, and gain insightful tips and tricks to the ... Read More »

3 Great Ways for Quality Brand Promotion

Quality Brand Promotion

Brand promotion is the most efficient way to expand your dominion and transform from a small business owner to a big business owner. Bear in mind that brand promotion takes years, and with such a wide competition out there, climbing to the top is not easy at all. There is a well-known app known as “logo quiz”, and once you witness all the brands that are out there, the gravity of this task will be quite clear. Even the brands that are considered well-known will be in the field of obscurity, since it is impossible to keep track of everything. ... Read More »

7 Strategies of Re-engaging Subscribers with Re-engagement Email

Re-engaging Subscribers with Re-engagement Email

Last Sunday, I received an email from Kim Garst (CEO of Boom Social). It was beautifully written.  It had a relevant subject, and the body of the email included the right amount of concern, things that I missed and a re-engagement request. In totality, it was too good a re-engagement email to overlook. And it made me think, there are a number of blogs that forget to do just that – re-engage. As a result, they lose their readers and potential customers. A marketer may not always be able to provide content in every single email that its whole audience ... Read More »