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Your Business Is Failing Modern Customers (Infographic)

Your Business Is Failing Modern Customers

The data and infographic come from New York Times best-selling author and customer service expert, Jay Baer, who researched the rise of customer complaint trends for his sixth book, Hug Your Haters. Written as a response to the rise social media customer backlash, Hug Your Haters argues that the mindset to “pick and choose” as to when to respond to criticism is an incredibly costly mistake for many businesses. Here are some data points: 80% of businesses think they deliver superior customer service – but only 8% of customers believe they receive it. 82% of US consumers say they’ve stopped doing business ... Read More »

10 Best Tutorials To Sharpen Your Design Skills And Increase Productivity

Tutorials To Sharpen Your Design Skills And Increase Productivity

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Well, do you remember the last time you saw an incredible website and got awe stuck? Aesthetics is somewhat one of the most crucial requisites to compete for head on in this advanced world. The reason being is that when we have umpteen number of websites and mobile apps present in the Internet space, it is quite crucial for you to carve a distinguished image in front of the users. This blog is a curated list of tutorials that will certainly help you to whet your designing skills and will help you ... Read More »

28 Ways Businesses and Ordinary Users Can Protect Their Sensitive Online Data

Protect Online Data

The distinct upward curve of data breaches is today’s major security and privacy concern. Millions of accounts are being leaked as big companies undergo persistent hacker attacks. Banks get compromised all the time, not to mention the notorious Anthem and Ashley Madison breach incidents that took place recently. Sensitive data ends up being sold on hacker forums for cheap. Organizations try to meet information security standards, but a lot of them fail. Even though the cyber realm is not new, to put it mildly, we still lack effective policies and procedures that protect us. To top it off, governments and ... Read More »

Not Accepting Guest Posts: Why This Policy is Killing Your Web Traffic

Not Accepting Guest Posts

Recently, I wrote an article about wine, and how perception influences consumer choices. The article was based on a study of wine drinkers which demonstrated that if people think wine is more expensive, it tastes better to them. the site I wrote it for rejected it, and probably rightly so. it may not have been the best fit. So I began shopping around for other sites to pitch it to since I hate for writing to go to waste, and it was a pretty good article. As I reached out to other sties, I got this response: Thank you so ... Read More »

Steps on Creating an Effective Company Profile in LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Profile

We have all heard of this new up and coming website called LinkedIn but very few people know how to effectively use it to their benefit. This is a social network that people can use to look for jobs more successfully. This social media website resembles other known social Medias like Facebook but the main difference is that LinkedIn is professionally based instead of personally based. Like the title of the website says this webpage will Link you in with other business professionals to help you succeed in your company. Now creating a LinkedIn company profile is not that different ... Read More »