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The 7% Rule: Before and After You Become A Brand

The 7% Rule for Brands

You would be hard pressed to find the company that doesn’t eventually want to become a well-known brand, widely associated with their particular area of expertise. But beyond the obvious challenge of becoming a brand, it remains a serious challenge knowing when you’ve crossed the ‘brand threshold’. At Spot.IM, we built a product to help digital publishers turn their online traffic into engaged communities. Our assumption was that every website had a group of people actively choosing to visit the site. And that all site owners needed was a chance to engage with those readers, and help those readers engage ... Read More »

6 Effective Ways To Use Snapchat To Promote Your Business

Use Snapchat To Promote Your Business

Lately, a lot of businesses have been using social media platforms to attract and reach out to potential customers. Take, for instance, G+, Twitter, and Facebook. However, all those platforms are old new now! Why not try something new and different this time, something that is being “trended” today as the latest tool in the every growing social media marketing arsenal? How about Snapchat?! Snapchat isn’t just being used for photo and video sharing by crazy, selfie-obsessed teenagers. It is, in fact, being used by many businesses to build and establish relationships with their customers. UsTrendy, a popular fashion blog, ... Read More »

Tips To Set Up A Loyalty Program, Plus An Infographic

Set Up A Loyalty Program

E-commerce has become an important concept in our present and future in terms of financial potential and online business models. In today’s economy, it is crucial not only the way a business attracts customers and consumers, but also the way a business keeps them. The journey from New to Returning is paved with challenges for sure. To name a few: competition, personal preferences, shift and changes in the market, buyer “fatigue” – in some cases, buying or remaining loyal to a specific brand/product can be hard with all the other options out there – and many more. So how do ... Read More »

12 Best Social Media Management Tools Used By Businesses (Infographic)

Social Media Management Tools

Purchasing the right social media management tool is tough decision to make. Especially, when there are so many products on the market that offer similar functionality. In spite of carefully researching and asking your friend for a recommendation, it’s often hard to tell which tool will work the best because your goals and use case might differ from that of your friend. So at TrustRadius, we conducted an in-depth analysis of 23 social media tools based on 400+ reviews to help you make a better decision. Below is an infographic that summarizes the suitability of each of these products for ... Read More »

Google Teams Up With Twitter Again: What Does It Mean To SERPs?

Deal for Google to include Twitter tweets in Google search results

Google has rekindled its romance with Twitter last week when it struck a deal with the blue bird of social media. A few years ago Google had access to the Twitter, but that agreement expired in 2011. After that, tweets have gone mostly unindexed. Some sources even claim that there are less than 8% tweets can be seen in Google SERP. Google is the biggest name in search engines with about 75% of market share. Twitter too is one of the most influential social media mughals.  A deal between them will pretty much change the social search scene. About the ... Read More »