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“Whatchu Talkin’ Bout Willis?” – The Importance of Social Media for Small Business

Social Media for Small Business

Prior to social media, businesses used public relations, advertising, and direct mail to create visibility, generate brand loyalty, and build sales. However, many small businesses found these tools included a high price tag. The launch of social media effectively leveled the marketing playing field between small and large businesses because social media is free. According to the State of Small Business Report, 56% of SMBs invest only 3% of their revenue in marketing. That percentage is evidence of the significant gap between what large and small businesses spend. A recent Gartner survey has the national average for marketing budgets at ... Read More »

6 Ways Teachers Can Harness The Power Of Pinterest

Pinterest for Teachers

When you think of social media sites, you think about sharing pictures and videos and connecting with friends. But, there is one website that is truly ideal for teachers… and it is called Pinterest. Pinterest allows teachers to do many great things in terms of teaching and learning in a very convenient and fun manner. If you are a teacher, then get ready to explore a new and exciting world of opportunities that Pinterest brings to you. They will enhance your productivity in no time. 1. Pinterest can be Used to Share Assignment Details It’s easy for teachers to create ... Read More »

Using Social Networks as Powerful Advertising Tools

Social Networks as Powerful Advertising Tools

Everyone has an account on any given social network, or two, or three, or all of them, and this is just a way of showing how addicted we are to them. No matter whether we are using them for posting pictures of cute kittens and babies, or if we are using them for some alternative business purposes, social networks are here – and they are going to stay. They present a perfect online gathering place, each of them catering to a different group of people; some are more inclined toward business users, while others are better for the visually inclined. ... Read More »

5 Social Media Mistakes You Probably Don’t Know You’re Making

Social Media Mistakes

Using social media as an individual is easy – you just say whatever you feel like saying. A corporate social media account requires a bit more tact than that. A number of people just starting out in the corporate social media world fail to realize this and make a number of mistakes without knowing it. Here are 5 common mistakes that brands make on their new social media profiles without even realizing it! 1) TMI: The Too much Information syndrome A personable social media account for your brand is always great. An account that goes too far, and gets a ... Read More »

The Effects of Social Media on Child Education

Effects of Social Media on Child Education

Social media refers to any application or website that allows users to participate in social networking and enables them to create and share information. As known by now, such websites include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, GooglePlus and of course, blogs and v-blogs. This article discusses the importance of filtering information for children who surf the web and engage in social media interactions. Of course, effects can be both positive and negative, and that is the reason why we have to take action. “It is better to prevent than to treat”, says an old quote. Social Media Statistics The following are ... Read More »