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Beyond “Mobile Friendly” – Three Strategies to Move Faster Than Google

Strategies to Move Faster Than Google

For the moment, let’s presume that the Apple Watch takes off and becomes the next big thing. It may happen. In 2007, it was hard to believe that the iPhone would change all of mobile. It’s entirely possible that soon tens of millions of people are walking around with their primary internet interface on their wrist. How big is that screen? Slightly bigger than a postage stamp? I suggest you think long and hard about the future of content marketing on increasingly smaller devices and on devices no longer directly connected to the idea of a “computer”. Google’s mobile integration ... Read More »

Forbes and rFactr Team Up To Launch Social Sales System Forbes Socialport

Forbes SocialPort

Leveraging social media platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to engage potential customers early in the buying cycle has become a popular strategy for b2b sales organizations nowadays. In order to aid them in this process, here comes Forbes SocialPort, a social communications management system that optimizes marketing content of companies across all social platforms and enables their sales teams to make incremental revenues. This social communications management system comes from North Carolina-based social platform technology company rFactr. Forbes Media, which has an equity stake in rFactr, has agreed to license the Forbes name to brand SocialPort product offering ... Read More »

Top 7 Social Media Sites for Teaching and Learning

Social Media Sites for Teaching and Learning

Twitter and Facebook may be common nowadays and anyone can join it anytime for free, but today there are hundreds of other social media sites that help students enhance learning and teaching. In this blog, we shed light on top 7 social media sites that completely change the way you share information and communicate. Today, Social media has changed a lot the way people share information and communicate with one another in their professional and personal lives. A lot of students around us are familiar or are on different social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, but there are a ... Read More »

9 Actions That Define a Working Day In The Life of a Social Media Marketer

Working Day in the Life of a Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing is one of the best ways for businesses to increase their revenues. Given the fact that social media platforms have a large number of users, implementing effective social media marketing strategies, provides them direct access to a huge number of potential customers who are a part of this user base. To tap the potential of social media, businesses depend upon experts in the field such as social media marketers, who in turn adopt the best social media strategies in order to generate maximum ROI. Apart from carrying out a social media strategy effectively, which are the other ... Read More »

Amazon Presents The Dash Button: A “Buy now with 1-Click” Shopping Solution

Amazon Dash Button

What if you could buy anything with just one click? Sounds impossible, does not it? But now you can. With its dangerously convenient “Buy now with 1-Click” Dash Button, Amazon once again proved that impossible is not a word in their vocabulary. With this miraculous Dash Button, one tap is all you need to record your order for various household items automatically via Amazon Prime. And next thing you know the products are being delivered to your doorsteps. For example, you are out of diapers. All you have to do is to tap your Huggies Dash Button. Within 48 hours ... Read More »