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Five Ways to Find Blog Topics Ideas Using Social Media

Find Blog Topics Ideas

What to write about? What to write about? What to write about? This is a question that keeps creeping into a bloggers mind every now and then. For me, it’s something that often bothers me while I’m showering, travelling, feeding my cat, and going about the daily humdrum of my life. Note, I am someone who is deemed to be tremendously creative. However, finding the most insightful, interesting, trending and educational topic in my blog’s niche every day, and I mean every day, is not a piece of cake. Sometimes, it can take hours of thinking and contemplating. They say ... Read More »

Social Media Is A Lead Generation Gold Mine

Social Media Is A Lead Generation

In 2015 we lean on social media for just about everything. It’s how we communicate with our friends and family and where we get our news and laughs. More importantly (I believe), it’s where we ask for and give advice. And yet most of us are missing out on what’s right under our noses – sniffing out business on social media networks. Think about it. How many times have you come across a post asking, for example, “Does anyone know a good web developer?”, or a tweet that just flat out states, “I need to find a new dentist.” Those ... Read More »

12 Most Damaging PR Disasters Of the 21st Century

Most Damaging PR Disasters Of The 21st Century

It’s never going to be a simple life in the public eye, but some businesses and brands don’t make it easy for themselves. We’re only human, but in today’s (often big and scary) digital world, mistakes can be amplified to brand-damaging extremes. All it takes is one questionable tweet and a storm can erupt globally in a matter of minutes. From a customer standpoint, this immediacy is brilliant as it means brands and businesses must be more transparent than ever before in order to neutralize unhappy consumers or employees on a rampage. For the brands themselves, however, the nature of ... Read More »

Increase Your Brand’s Social Media Presence with Personalized Interactions

Increase Your Brand’s Social Media Presence With Personalized Interactions

Have you ever felt annoyed by a Fan or Follower on social media because all they do is promote their brand? While it’s no sin to do so, excessive online advertising is a common mistake a lot of digital marketers make. Even so-called experts commit this blunder. It could be in the form of Tweets or Promoted Posts; but it’s definitely annoying if businesses talk about nothing but themselves. Look at the profiles of some of your favorite brands. What percentage of their posts is promotional? How often do they engage with their Fans? How does YOUR business fare in ... Read More »

Beyond “Mobile Friendly” – Three Strategies to Move Faster Than Google

Strategies to Move Faster Than Google

For the moment, let’s presume that the Apple Watch takes off and becomes the next big thing. It may happen. In 2007, it was hard to believe that the iPhone would change all of mobile. It’s entirely possible that soon tens of millions of people are walking around with their primary internet interface on their wrist. How big is that screen? Slightly bigger than a postage stamp? I suggest you think long and hard about the future of content marketing on increasingly smaller devices and on devices no longer directly connected to the idea of a “computer”. Google’s mobile integration ... Read More »