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3 Animators You Wish You Were (But Never Knew About Until Now)

3 Animators You Wish You Were

Everyone knows the animation greats: Walt Disney, Chuck Jones, Hayao Miyazaki, the Fleischer brothers. However, these bright colors in the fantastic world of animation seem to distract most animation fans (illustrators and designers included) from the base tones who secretly made the industry what it is today. To become a great animator yourself, you absolutely must gain some inspiration from the following three underappreciated names in animation ― then learn a few beginner animation tips yourself. Richard Williams Of the same generation as Disney and other foundational animators, Richard Williams had the talent and work ethic to be one of ... Read More »

What Pinterest’s Evolution Can Teach Us About The New Reality Of Ecommerce

Let people buy your products—right from Pinterest

Today’s consumer marketplace is a brutal environment for retailers and brands. It’s time for marketers to change their game plan accordingly. A poll by AdAge found that only 4 percent of consumers believe marketers act with integrity. You can see that statistic play out in research around the new consumer-buying journey.  McKinsey estimated that 74 percent of the final buying decision is impacted not by ads but by people – conversations with acquaintances, point of sale associates and online research. Not surprisingly, this has led to an evolution away from traditional forms of marketing, toward new, consumer-driven tactics for reaching customers ... Read More »

How Small Businesses Can Hook Big Business Partners

Big Business Partners

Its tough being an entrepreneur in a market designed for corporations. Most startups and small businesses grow slowly, which can be frustrating to the typical ambitious entrepreneur. Fortunately, there is a trick to increasing the value and speed of a small business’s development: Partnerships. A partnership with a large, established company can provide more productivity and innovation as well as a broader audience to a small business, all of which help that business get products to market faster and earn profits sooner. Unfortunately, developing a relationship with an established company is not easy because big fish usually gain little from ... Read More »

What Site Engagement Really Means?

Site Engagement Really Means

The majority of modern marketing efforts focus on the concept of engagement: If you can get your customers engaged with your brand, you win. In pursuit of engagement, most marketers participate actively on social media; they develop and produce all sorts of content, from blog posts to videos, and they design and redesign websites in the hopes of tricking more users into engaging. Yet, even with hundreds of online articles promoting engagement as the path to success, many marketers can’t supply a single, concrete definition of the concept. All marketers agree that engagement is essential for success and something that ... Read More »

How Big Brands Implement B2B Social Media Strategies (Statistical Study)

Brands Implement B2B Social Media Strategies

Certain people feel that B2B marketing is quite serious but less frivolous in comparison to consumer-related marketing. The long cycles of sales, complex purchase judgments, extreme attention laid on ROI are some of the factors. Do you really think B2B marketing is complicated? It is tough to say. Since the customary B2B marketing became digitized, a small amount of latency is present in social media. Well, that is a relief. There are many industry-defining B2B brands embracing social media and they have gone through a tremendous makeover in terms of social media tactics. So let’s check out how B2B industry ... Read More »