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5 New Social Media Networks That Will Stand Out From the Crowd

private social network for your neighborhood

Social media networks have been steadily evolving over the past few years and there is a big move away from “one size fits all” programs in favor of niche networks for those with similar interests and social backgrounds. While Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and a few others are firm favorites among the masses, there are lots of new social media networks appearing all the time. Here are five new social media networks that stand out from the crowd. 1. Nextdoor – Bringing Neighbourhoods Closer Together Unlike conventional social media sites, Nextdoor aims to get people off their computers and meeting up in real life. The ... Read More »

Which Newspapers Get it Right With Social Media?

Newspapers Get it Right With Social Media

In the age of all things digital, newspapers are quickly realizing that they need to have an online presence if they want to succeed in the news market. Because of this, many newspapers across the country and the world are adopting social media as an outlet for breaking news and other top news stories. And, thanks to the versatility of social media, these newspapers are leaving their digital mark in more ways than one. So, how are newspapers utilizing social media and what are some newspapers that are already on top of the social media game? Social Networking for Newspapers ... Read More »

Teens Love These Social Sites

Teens Love Social Sites

Social media is a language most teenagers speak fluently. From connecting with their friends to sharing their opinions on the latest TV phenomenon, social networking sites are a big part of teen life. A survey by the Pew Internet Project found  that 93% of teenagers aged 12 – 17 are online, compared to 74% of all adults over the age of 18. But which social media sites are most popular with teens, and why do they love them? Facebook Facebook is consistently ranked as the top place for teenagers online. Recent research by Piper Jaffray found that 33% of teenagers ... Read More »

How Employees Can Protect a Company from IT Security Threats

IT Security Threats

Although technical advancements over the past two decades have made it easier to operate and expand businesses around the globe, companies are now more vulnerable to security threats, data breaches and other forms of cybercrimes that victimize millions of people each year. Studies have confirmed that malicious attacks account for close to 50 percent of the data breaches that were recorded in the United States throughout 2012, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Hacking attacks were the causes of over 33 percent of the remaining breaches within the same year. Having an IT support team in place to monitor, manage ... Read More »

Social Media Footprint: How Much Can We Learn About One Another Online?

From bringing us together with friends and family, even at a great distance, to making it easier than ever to network with colleagues and clients, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are undeniably positive additions to our virtual lives, and the more than two billion people who indulge in social media on a regular basis all obviously agree. Put those wonderful benefits aside, though, and social media takes on a more sinister position, serving as a keeper of what is sometimes very private information – information that you may not be happy to share with the world. Here’s a ... Read More »