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Why the Cloud Is Perfect for Startups?

Cloud Hosting Is Perfect For Startups

As you build your startup, you are undoubtedly bombarded with decisions to make – decisions that can make a significant difference in getting your company off the ground. And chances are, most of those decisions have to be made with a tight budget in mind, which can severely limit your choices. One of the decisions that you’ll undoubtedly have to make in the early days is whether to invest in your own IT infrastructure or opt for a cloud infrastructure instead. While there are some benefits to developing your own infrastructure and hosting your business yourself, as a startup, the ... Read More »

Augmented Reality Is the Future of Real Money Gaming Industry

augmented reality online gaming

2016 has turned out to be a great year for augmented reality. Pokemon Go has brought augmented reality to the mass audience. But that’s not all! Gamers today have little doubt about the potential of AR in online gaming. With the latest development in technology, we may soon see AR eyewear that will help people enjoy a true to life gaming experience that incorporates their physical surrounding with a game. Augmented reality has opened the floodgate to great online gaming possibilities that were beyond the gamers’ imagination till date. Type of gaming will leverage from Augmented Reality technology? Social, online ... Read More »

How We Increased Our Customer Feedback by 400%

Increase Customer Feedback By 400%

As a marketer at an early stage startup I am always trying to get customer feedback so we can make educated decisions on what to build next or which marketing channel to focus on. To do this, we previously built a survey on Google Forms and emailed our customers a link there. But only about 1% of our customers actually filled it out. That’s absolutely dismal and we knew we had to improve. I asked a startup group of Facebook for tips and someone suggested I check out YesInsights. What is YesInsights? YesInsights is a tool that allows you create ... Read More »

It’s All About .SOCIAL Domain

get .social domain, brand your social media presence

Social media networks come and go. How many of us remember MySpace? How about Xanga? LiveJournal anyone? The beauty of a .SOCIAL domain is that it evolves with you, and can redirect to Facebook today, Twitter tomorrow, and the social media platform of the future the following day. But even if the social media platform of choice is changing faster than most people change out their toothbrush, the influence of third party platforms on the internet continues to grow. There are currently nearly 3.5 billion internet users around the world, and over 2 billion active social media users. Gone are ... Read More »

Parcl: A New Peer-to-Peer Platform Helping Shoppers with International Deliveries


Shipping limitations present one of the most common issues online shoppers face with international orders. The team behind Parcl has set out to eliminate this issue for good. They have come up with a crowd shipping service that connects shoppers and forwarders from all corners of the globe and lets them help each other in a safe and quick way. As described on, the concept was born from the idea that many of us wish at some point that we had a friend or relative in the country that has stores carrying an item we really want or need. ... Read More »