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Feed Subscription< Giving Social Media Content A Context

It’s been said that content is king, but we’re rapidly approaching a stage where the sheer amount of content available is becoming so overwhelming that it becomes increasingly difficult to find the content that is relevant to you. Even the content that seems obviously relevant to us – content we ourselves or our friends and family have posted – is hopelessly scattered across the internet, appearing on multiple social media networks, apps, and platforms. In order to see the complete online version of any of your real-life experiences, currently you need to waste time and energy checking multiple feeds. While ... Read More »

How to Grow Your Brand by Partnering with Non-Profits

Partnering with Non-Profits

Plus, there are plenty of other benefits to partnering with a nonprofit, such as tax breaks, better employee morale, and a better business reputation. If you’re interested in learning how to grow your brand by partnering with a nonprofit, take a look at these four ways to make the partnership a success. Choose a Non-Profit Organization Aligned with Your Business Values & Goals There are thousands of non-profit organizations that need the support of for profit businesses to stay in operation. However, make sure you choose to partner with one that shares the same beliefs and values as your business. ... Read More »

5 Ways to Gain Focus, Clarity and Purpose Before You Start Your Business

Before You Start Your Business

“What business would you like to start?” - I’m not sure. “How do you plan to run your business?” - I don’t know. “How much will you need to invest? When will you break even?” - I have no idea. “Will you be successful?” - I hope so! Not a pretty picture, this one. Any entrepreneur reading this – and that might be you – would want to give better answers to questions like that. Thankfully, that’s not the hard part although running a business is certainly challenging. Starting and running is a business is the real thing. Not everyone ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why a Startup Needs to Report to Their Investors

Startup Needs to Report to Their Investors

The web is full of articles and tips on how to find the right investor and secure funding for a startup. Accelerators, incubators, workshops, events, blogs and other programs or initiatives all dedicate themselves to helping startups find various sources of funding. But what happens after the Startup receives investment? How does the startup build a relationship with the investor? How is the startup expected to update investors? This is where the startup community often lacks information. Here is an approach that will make your startup stand out from the mediocre or inexperienced startups who don’t know what to do ... Read More »

Gobookee.Org – Cashing In On Networking

Cashing In On Networking

Irrespective of what your passions and interests are, you cannot simply stay away from the overwhelming influence of networking. To say that it has all and sundry in its invincible grip will not be an exaggeration. Different channels of networking are there in the offing. Facebook – a leading platform of networking serves as an interesting link to money making. But you just need to be tad bit judicious as well as cautious. Only then will you be able to bank on the money making power of networking. Gobookee.Org provides you with chits and tips of information, so that you are ... Read More »