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The Stepping Stones of a Start-Up

Stepping Stones Of A Start-Up

Startups have been blooming in the past decade, aided by government support and incubators that help them through the survival of the earliest stages. Startups have brought fresh and helpful ideas to life, making more and more entrepreneur’s dreams come true. So let’s speak about those early stages. Let’s speak about the first steps in a start-up. Stage One: Sketching Your Visual Identity Your business is fresh, new, vibrant and in need of investors or development. You have to convince through the business plan and identity that you’ve put together so far, that your idea is worthwhile. You know the ... Read More »

Introducing The Small Business Accounting Solution

Due - Online Invoicing and Time Tracking

Freelancers, solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs – they all have one thing in common, and that is accounting. When you work in a traditional environment or offer your services on a local scale, accounting isn’t an issue. You can simply hire an accountant or an accounting company that solves everything. But what happens when you work remotely, on an international scale? Well, things change. Accounting changes. Not mastering it can severely affect your business, your sales and your clients. Accounting Tools: Limitations and Issues to Be Addressed Among common issues for freelancers and online entrepreneurs, is that of a ... Read More »

4 Most Common Mistakes Online Business Make

Common Mistakes Online Business Make

The popularity of online businesses is immense. Each year, more and more businesses start to populate the web and attempt to get the attention of the users, with varying success. I am not saying that the online business environment is oversaturated, but its sheer popularity is so immense that people get the impression it is easy to run an online business. This leads to all kinds of mistakes and causes a lot of people to lose their investment. If you are planning to start an online business, we would like to point out the most common mistakes you can make ... Read More »

The Underdog’s Secret: How Sponsored Content is Helping Startups Level the Playing Field

How Sponsored Content is Helping Startups

How do you know when a company stops being a startup and has become an established company?  Established companies advertise in “traditional” means: television, print, outdoor, etc.  While startups would love to have this massive reach, their size and risk profile usually prevent them from doing so.  Startups don’t engage with these forms of advertising because of: High fixed costs These mediums require creative production that has a high fixed cost that startups cannot compete here.  The cost of a print ad, billboard, or commercial is prohibitively expensive, and the company hasn’t even gotten any eyeballs on it yet.  Startups ... Read More » Giving Social Media Content A Context

It’s been said that content is king, but we’re rapidly approaching a stage where the sheer amount of content available is becoming so overwhelming that it becomes increasingly difficult to find the content that is relevant to you. Even the content that seems obviously relevant to us – content we ourselves or our friends and family have posted – is hopelessly scattered across the internet, appearing on multiple social media networks, apps, and platforms. In order to see the complete online version of any of your real-life experiences, currently you need to waste time and energy checking multiple feeds. While ... Read More »