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Is Your Website Ready For A Big Marketing Campaign?

Website Ready For A Big Marketing Campaign?

An online business needs a boost from the marketing department in order to become and remain successful. It is by no means different from a brick and mortar business, like a shop for example. You need to find a way to reach your customer through good marketing, but before you attempt to make a serious advertising attempt, you need to make sure that everything functions well. While it is true that most websites experience a few bugs and some downtime in the first couple of months, it is also true that some bugs remain behind and can cause problems without ... Read More »

14 Tips For 2014 To Make Web Chat Work

Make Web Chat Work

2014 will be the year that we see web chat really starting to take hold in the contact centre – and not just for the younger generation. Here, Richard McCrossan, Strategic Business Director for Digital Channels at Genesys, gives 14 top tips to implement a successful web chat policy. One of the biggest reasons that organisations today lose sales opportunities is customer abandonment of web forms and shopping carts. Customer service managers know that the health of their organisations is increasingly tied to their ability to ensure that as many online customers as possible finalise their purchases by completely filling ... Read More »

10 Custom Social Segments for Universal Analytics

Google Universial Analytics

Google’s roll-out of the new Universal Analytics has created a lot of turmoil for social media marketers trying to keep consistent analytics data. They launched it with very spotty documentation while also trashing data from before August 2013. Now Google has announced it will be forcing everyone to upgrade to Universal Analytics in the coming months. The new data sets have already been rolled out to most accounts, which may leave you wondering how to continue tracking social metrics with the new format. Here’s some great news for social media marketers — UA offers much deeper insights into social media ... Read More »

6 Most Popular Tumblr Extensions!

Popular Tumblr Extensions

Tumbler is a great platform to manage one or more blogs with minimum effort and inconvenience. While it is true that the concept of photo blogs existed even before Tumblr arrived, it was Tumblr that made it so popular among masses. The secret behind Tumblr’s success is an easy to use and intuitive user interface which can be used for posting text, audio clips, quotes, videos etc. However, with as many features as it may carry, there is always a scope for improvement. Tumblr extensions aim at doing just that, i.e. making Tumblr experience better. Here are 6 most popular ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why a Startup Needs to Report to Their Investors

Startup Needs to Report to Their Investors

The web is full of articles and tips on how to find the right investor and secure funding for a startup. Accelerators, incubators, workshops, events, blogs and other programs or initiatives all dedicate themselves to helping startups find various sources of funding. But what happens after the Startup receives investment? How does the startup build a relationship with the investor? How is the startup expected to update investors? This is where the startup community often lacks information. Here is an approach that will make your startup stand out from the mediocre or inexperienced startups who don’t know what to do ... Read More »