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Beyond Facebook – Twenty Some Social Tools Your Business Should Be Using

Social Reviews - QYPE

You know about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You might be using them every day for business and consider yourself a social media professional. The fact is there are a lot more social tools that aren’t social networks, and quite a few of those definitely deserve your attention. 1.       Social Intranet. What if Facebook included all the elements of SalesForce, Dropbox, Google Calendar, BaseCamp, RememberTheMilk and WhatsApp? That’s social intranet for you – a private corporate social network that helps you work with clients, collaborate with co-workers, share files, exchange ideas and vote on next week’s cafeteria menu – accessible 24/7 from ... Read More »

8 Easy Steps to Inbox Mastery

Gmail Inbox Mastery

According to ComScore, the average person receives over 100 email messages a day. Of course, a lot of those end up in your spam filter, but that’s still a lot of messages. To visualize it, imagine 100 phone calls a day. That’s a lot of time on the phone! We don’t instantly see the problem with the efficiency of email because we break it up into short chunks. Five minutes here, a quick reply there, and a quick search of past messages to find a bit of information that we need to complete a project. It all adds up, and ... Read More »

The Ultimate List of Social Media Marketing Tools To Use In 2013

Social Media Marketing Tools 2013

This list encompasses all of hottest social media marketing tools you will want (and need) to use in this new year. These tools cover everything from content creation to content marketing. You can find tools in here that help you find which keywords you should use, to who is actually searching for what you offer, and even tools that help you in the final big step of launching a successful advertising campaign. A few tools listed will also help simplify your life by combining all of your social media accounts on one singular site. TrendSpottr – This site can aid ... Read More »

How To Turn Your Google Drive Into A Full-Fledged Cloud Office

Google Drive Cloud Office

Google Drive has become a useful assistant for a lot of users already, as this service combines the functions of office package and of cloud storage where users can keep their data. But if you take a look into the Chrome Web Store, you’ll find out that it’s possible to broaden Google Drive’s functionality with the help of different third-party apps. Here’re some of the most interesting and useful ones that will help you to upgrade you Google Drive. Cacoo Cacoo is a useful online tool that allows you to draw diagrams, charts, tables. A distinctive feature of this app ... Read More »

How to Effectively Manage your Brand on Twitter

Manage your Brand on Twitter

If you think all you have to do is set up a profile, add some people who follow your competitors then sit back you certainly have the wrong end of the stick when it comes to Twitter. It is tempting to think that all you need is a presence no matter how basic, but the bottom line is people, particularly your customers, do actually use Twitter as a source of news and discussion. If your brand is worth talking about then people will be talking about it on Twitter. To keep up with what they have to say and to ... Read More »