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Why You Should Buy Twitter Followers

Buy Twitter Followers

You have your Twitter profile set up just like you have always wanted it.  It is linked to all of your social media profiles, especially Facebook.  The overall design and layout of the page is visually appealing and seemingly magnetic every single time that you log in and check it out for yourself.  You have all of the very best aspects and elements within your profile that you can possibly have in order for it to become an overnight success.  The biggest problem that has turned into a major roadblock on the path to progress and exponential growth, however, is ... Read More »

Effective Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

Learning has become easier with the inception of Social media. It is the effective way of communication that offers you with a number of socializing tools. These tools boost the ability to collaborate and help entrance worldwide resources so that everyone can get optimal benefits. Twitter is one of the fantastic options that can be used in classrooms as an innovative teaching tool. Being a teacher, you can share and communicate a variety of inspiring ideas that helps improve your teaching process. Let’s see how it works successfully: Recommended Reading: 60 Inspiring Examples Of Twitter In The Classroom Looping students If you want ... Read More »

Is the NFL Kicking It With Twitter?

NFL Kicking It With Twitter

For NFL fans, interaction and discussion is a vital part of the game. The instant nature of Twitter makes it a natural choice for NFL fans who want to keep up with their favorite teams and stay ahead of all the best NFL news, with the social network frequently buzzing before, during and after games. For the NFL itself, Twitter has been a mixed blessing, garnering some negative press but brokering an exclusive content deal that will benefit the NFL, Twitter, and of course the legions of fans. However you look at it, Twitter is an important part of the ... Read More »

Twitter Is Following Facebook And Google Into The Controversial Ad “Retargeting” Space

Twitter IPO

A pilot to be rolled out in the US will see the introduction of bespoke promoted advertising tweets for individual users, if they have previously shown an interest in particular products or services. Kevin Weil, Senior Director of Product for Revenue at the company says, “Users won’t see more ads on Twitter, but they may see better ones.“ Twitter will need to step carefully through privacy hoops however, to make sure its ad retargeting is lawful. Facebook has put in some hard legal yards on targeted advertising – Twitter may be able to piggyback on that work. Twitter is also ... Read More »

Why is Our Company Twitter Account Going Nowhere?

Company Twitter Account

If you’re company has a Twitter account that’s non-existent, it’s probably for a number of reasons. In many ways, Twitter is like a living, breathing thing that can’t be ignored or else it will waste away. And, tweeting on a regular basis will only get your business’s Twitter account so far. With that in mind, here are a handful of tips that’ll keep your Twitter account alive with tweets, re-tweets, and followers. Tweet Promotions There’s no better way to gather Twitter followers than by tweeting promotions, coupon codes, and other deals. This isn’t just a ploy to rack up as ... Read More »