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Design Solutions for Your Website

Website Design Solutions

There are a lot of problems that can surface when you have a business website to run. A simple search will return thousands of hits that offer possible solutions for everything, including basic widgets and add-ons that are supposed to help your business run smoother. The most important thing you can do when you’re looking to start your online business or update your current one is find a good, dependable web design solution. There are many different avenues you can take to designing your website, and each one works for different reasons. Looking at your options is the only way ... Read More »

Responsive Design – What, How To, Confusion

Responsive Design

The world of information technology has come a long way, since its inception. Things that were in vogue a year back seems ancient in retrospect; that is the pace at which we are moving. Today internet browsing is not restricted to just your desktop computer, you can now browse the internet, on the palm of your hand on your smart phone, tablet and even take it larger than life on your 150 inch flat screen TV. With this change there is a growing demand to deliver the same kind of quality on any kind of screen, be it big or ... Read More »

Marketing Highlights for 2013: Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni-Channel Marketing

We are part of the „I want it now” generation, and this means that we need fast answers, viable investments and reliable solutions. The rapid growth of technology has lead to the invention of various gadgets like smartphones, and tablets, which are designed to simplify our life. Moreover, the competition between eCommerce sites is fierce, and customers are more demanding when it comes to the level of service. Small and large businesses alike are working hard to devise new plans that will help them gain more online presence. Read More »

Get Beautiful Logos From LogoBee

Logos From LogoBee

Suppose you are travelling in a new city in your car, searching for a good restaurant. You don’t know anyone there and you obviously can’t trust a stranger. As you passed by a crossroad you saw a huge red banner with a huge yellow “M” written on it and the words “I’m lovin’ it” inscribed below it. You instantly recognize that it’s a McDonald’s outlet and head towards it and enjoy a nice lunch. This is the power of logos. They make your company’s brand instantly visible. No one today has the time to read large posters saying things like ... Read More »

Bringing Apps and Social Media into Your Home: Cool Perspectives

Apps and Social Media into Your Home

But no matter the disadvantages, I’d like to keep a positive eye on these tech inventions and changes. So what is “the fuss” about? Read More »