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Real Impact of Video on Mobile Networks, Mobile Video Traffic Hits Nearly 70%

Bytemobile’s new Mobile Analytics Report reveals that the average volume of video traffic on mobile networks has risen by 10 percentage points since this time last year – up to 50% from 40%. In certain networks, video traffic is up to 69% of total traffic. Also, while the average subscriber uses YouTube and Facebook for roughly the same amount of time – about nine minutes per session – YouTube generates a staggering 350 times more traffic. According to Bytemobile’s report, an iPad user generates three times the data traffic that an iPhone subscriber does. Also of note, mobile social networking ... Read More »

Don’t Be Frightened By Social Media – Just Make Sure You React Appropriately

Dave Carroll told the story of his lost guitar and how his hit YouTube video complaint went viral, attracting four million viewings in just 10 days and was blamed for knocking 10 per cent off the United Airlines share price and costing them $180,000.  United Airlines’ under-reaction cost the airline dearly. But he explained to delegates that he had just wanted the video to highlight the damage caused to passengers’ belongings on flights and he never had a social media plan – but then, crucially, neither did United Airlines. They failed to monitor social media mentions of their brand, they ... Read More »

10 Companies SOPA Could Destroy and Why

One of 2011’s most hotly contested political issues, the Stop Online Piracy Act, has spilled over into 2012. The language and far-reaching implications of the bill have caused high-profile workers within the entertainment industry to publicly oppose it; even supporters admit that it could vastly change the internet as we know it. Here are ten of the popular websites that could be potentially destroyed, should SOPA pass. Facebook – Indisputably one of the most popular social networking sites in the history of the internet, Facebook boasts more than 800 million users around the globe. These users are currently able to ... Read More »

Innovative Internet Video Ads VS Interactive Internet Video Ads

With On Demand Television Channels embracing new forms of Internet video advertisements it’s no surprise that the formats of such ads has begun to come under online scrutiny. There tends to be two clear camps in the new presence of Internet video ads; innovative advertisements and interactive advertisements. The idea of these two new formats is to make the advertising experience more enjoyable for online audience who are never too thrilled about having their online viewing disrupted. So, which of these ad formats is actually fulfilling that criterion? Which advertising style is more beneficial to businesses and brands marketing on ... Read More »

Pakistan Threatens to Block Google, YouTube

Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that if Google and Youtube do not help the Pakistan government, then Pakistan reserves the right to block these services to prevent terrorists from using it. Malik made the remarks at the headquarters of the Federal Investigation Agency in Islamabad while interacting with reporters. He has said it clearly that neither Google nor Youtube is helping them to hunt suspected terrorists. He further said that for any service (website) which is spreading terrorism in our country, “then we have the full right to block”. The Taliban and other terrorist organizations were sharing intelligence ... Read More »