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Two Ad Rivals Opening the Doors to One Another: Facebook’s Ad Exchange Welcomes Google’s DoubleClick

Facebook's Ad Exchange Welcomes Google’s DoubleClick

It’s an unlikely partnership but Facebook and Google will be working together. It was announced recently that Google’s DoubleClick will now have access to Facebook’s Ad Exchange (FBX) for retargeted advertisements on Facebook. What exactly does this mean? In 2007, Google announced its purchase of DoubleClick for 3.1 billion dollars. DoubleClick provides a popular demand side platform for marketers to purchase online display advertising through a real-time bidding platform.  Since its acquisition by Google, DoubleClick has established itself as a one-stop shop for marketers to purchase advertising from a number of web publishers and ad exchanges all under one roof. ... Read More »

How Pinterest Will Use Its Popularity to Generate Revenue?

How will Pinterest Generate Revenue?

A few days back Shareaholic released a report that shows referral traffic from Pinterest is up by over 54% in the past year and that its referral traffic is next to none but Facebook. This report is prepared after careful evaluation of 13 months of data (Sept 2012 – Sept 2013) aggregating traffic source referrals from more than 200k publishers that reach over 250MM unique monthly visitors at present. As a visual social networking tool, Pinterest has grown immensely in the past two years and with the increase in popularity, the social sharing site also has grabbed the attention of ... Read More »

A Lesson In Listening And Adapting – Facebook’s Mobile Ad Strategy

Facebook’s Mobile Ad

When Facebook released its IPO prospectus in early 2012, it was cagey about its then-embryonic mobile ad business. Its apparent reticence to disclose key information about its projections in this space (among other things) led to SEC and potential investor scrutiny of Facebook’s longevity; as the world moved rapidly into smartphones as the primary means of access to social media, Facebook risked being left behind if it failed to monetize (and monetize quickly) its mobile offering. Put bluntly: increasing mobile customer base + zero mobile ads = zero mobile revenue (i.e. not good). As can be seen from various correspondences ... Read More »

Twitter Is Following Facebook And Google Into The Controversial Ad “Retargeting” Space

Twitter IPO

A pilot to be rolled out in the US will see the introduction of bespoke promoted advertising tweets for individual users, if they have previously shown an interest in particular products or services. Kevin Weil, Senior Director of Product for Revenue at the company says, “Users won’t see more ads on Twitter, but they may see better ones.“ Twitter will need to step carefully through privacy hoops however, to make sure its ad retargeting is lawful. Facebook has put in some hard legal yards on targeted advertising – Twitter may be able to piggyback on that work. Twitter is also ... Read More »

Players in a Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

Mobile Advertising

Millions of consumers carry around their internet-connected devices for almost 16 hours in a single day. This has resulted in an explosion of mobile friendly websites and applications. Most people assume that this explosion in mobile websites means that there has also been a large boost in incorporating the mobile platform into advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.  One reason could be that the mobile ad ecosystem is not as established as the desktop ecosystem. Another reason could be that consumers tend to have a clear disdain for mobile ads for various reasons.  It is important to ... Read More »