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The Advantages of Starting a Business in The Era of Cloud Computing

Cloud Office

So you’re thinking about launching your startup dream, but the economy has you thinking now’s not the most prosperous time. But with all things considered, the reality is that cloud computing has made it more possible than ever for startups to thrive even in difficult economic climates. Cloud computing costs mosts businesses, on average, $46,636.80. Sound like a lot? Compare that to the cost of operating a traditional data center: about $120,000. That leaves you with about $75,000 in capital you can invest in other critical business operations to help ensure the success of your endeavor in both the short ... Read More »

How To Turn Your Google Drive Into A Full-Fledged Cloud Office

Google Drive Cloud Office

Google Drive has become a useful assistant for a lot of users already, as this service combines the functions of office package and of cloud storage where users can keep their data. But if you take a look into the Chrome Web Store, you’ll find out that it’s possible to broaden Google Drive’s functionality with the help of different third-party apps. Here’re some of the most interesting and useful ones that will help you to upgrade you Google Drive. Cacoo Cacoo is a useful online tool that allows you to draw diagrams, charts, tables. A distinctive feature of this app ... Read More »

GroupDocs Vs Docstar : SaaS-based Document Management Solutions

GroupDocs Vs Docstar

Documents are lifeblood of any business and one of the bottle-necks in getting work done is the extensive use of old-fashioned paperwork in many organizations. Workflows become longer as well as complex with the passage of time and it becomes harder to track down documents in archives. As many organizations don’t have well-defined document management solutions implemented, processes and policies are hardly followed in the workplace. Document storage is also a problem in such a scenario and retrieval of information is slow. Therefore, a paperless and automated system for documents management is required to improve productivity of employees which is ... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Cloud for Your Business

Cloud Computing for Your Business

The cloud is not a single entity. It encompasses many types of service and delivery models, ranging from in-house virtual servers to software accessed by multiple organizations over the Internet. The cloud extends the spectrum of IT service delivery models beyond managed and hosted services to a form that is packaged and commoditized. But which of these packages is the best fit for your organization? There are a number of different cloud models you can deploy based on what your company needs. This flexibility is one reason why so many organizations are moving their data and/or applications to the cloud. The Software ... Read More »

Top 5 Alternatives to Dropbox

Alternatives to Dropbox

Recently, there was a problem with a breach in Dropbox security. Basically, Dropbox announced that the passwords of several thousand users had been stolen.  Because of this, many companies ordered employees to stop using this service. In today’s world, it is necessary to share data and synch files remotely. The good news is that there are alternatives to Dropbox. In all cases, these services offer encryption for files as well as other security measures. Syncplicity Syncplicity was recently purchased by EMC. This service is good because it offers users all the features of Dropbox. This includes sharing features as well ... Read More »