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Colleges That Take Social to the Next Level

Colleges social media

Social media is becoming more and more pervasive in our modern culture. Almost everyone is now able to connect and share with others in the digital realm and universities are picking up on this trend and using it to help students and alumni alike connect and grow. Here are some examples of the universities that are making the most of social media in order to achieve their goals and grow their communities. 1. Harvard Harvard is one of the most well-known and iconic universities in the United States and is using social media to maintain its position in the minds ... Read More »

Am I Making the Grade on Social Media?

Students at College

Applying to college doesn’t just involve filling out a few forms anymore. Admissions counselors are increasingly using social media to check up on potential applicants, and what they find on your profile can either help or hurt your chances in significant ways. Here’s what you need to know to properly use social media to get into the college of your choice: Your First Step: Clean Up Your Online Image Does your Facebook profile have photos of you drinking or engaging in other activities that a college admissions officer would not look kindly on? Do your friends have you tagged in ... Read More »

10 Ways Social Media is Influencing Higher Education

Social Media is Influencing Higher Education

Social media has evolved¬† into much, much more than a simple tool to stay in touch with friends or to share pictures from your most recent trip. It has become a powerful tool that has important applications for business, research, and education. Though social media is being used throughout all levels of education, it has had a particularly strong influence on higher education. Social media affects aspects of graduate school in PA and across the country. Here are 10 ways that social media is influencing higher education: 1 Admissions Social media is playing a bigger role in the admissions process ... Read More »

How College Students Actually Use Smartphones (INFOGRAPHICS)

Smartphone Use Students

As smartphones are becoming more popular, college students are learning to rely on them more and more, we decided to take a look at how students use their smartphones in their daily workflow. I think the infographic will be of interest to our readers. Click Image to Enlarge/Full View This infographic is provided by Read More »

50 Delicious Pinterest Cooking Recipes for College Students

Cooking for yourself in college can be a challenge for a variety of reasons. Many students have limited time, resources, and equipment, and college dorm rooms aren’t really set up for serious meal making. Yet there are recipes out there that can be easy and fast for college students to make. Pinterest is a great place to look for and collect these kinds of recipes, and we’ve given you a head start here by pulling together recipes that will help you whip up everything from a late-night study snack to a serious meal. Read on to learn how to become ... Read More »