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Tips in Social Product Innovation: Crowdsourcing


Strategies that absorb, respond to and then overcome stormy economic conditions are putting the customer right at the center of product development processes. Crowdsourcing as a powerful innovation strategy is helping organizations knit more tightly with their markets, diminish the amounts of “fuzziness” in the front end innovation (FEI) process, widening idea pools, and even reducing the costs of performing market research. Involving your customers in the product creation process Crowdsourcing has numerous benefits and can definitely enhance the overall product innovation process, however there are a few things that are important to consider before fully involving your customers in ... Read More »

Ourcast : Weather App, Predicts Weather With Minute-to-Minute Accuracy

Ourcast is a new iPhone app that predicts rain and snow over the next two hours with unprecedented accuracy. Taking a new, data-based approach to forecasting, it’s designed for anyone venturing outdoors, including runners, photographers, commuters and even parents getting their kids ready for school. Ourcast forecasts weather down to the minute at any location in the continental U.S. Ourcast is perfect for anyone, anywhere outdoors including: Runners, looking to get in a jog despite overcast skies Moms and Dads, deciding how to dress their kids for the walk to school Commuters, wondering if delaying their trip by 10 minutes ... Read More »

Wikidata: New Knowledge Base from the Wikimedia, Can be Read & Edited by Humans and Machines

Wikidata aims to create a free knowledge base about the world that can be read and edited by humans and machines alike. The initial development of the Wikidata is funded by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and Google. Wikidata is the first new project from the Wikimedia Foundation since 2006. Wikidata are entered and maintained by Wikidata editors and will be published under a free license. Editing, consuming, browsing, and reusing the Wikidata’s content will be fully multi-lingual. Data entered in any language will immediately be available in all other languages. One of ... Read More »

Pinterest: Building a Brand’s Presence, One Pin At a Time

How did Pinterest Become so Successful? Pinterest is a simple, visually engaging way to gather and create a collection of ideas, things that inspire you and items you love. The site has found tremendous success among its core demographic, and is a fantastic channel for brands to engage their core audience using evocative images that link to other brand properties.  It is also a fantastic place to find and share quality, carefully curated content with people whose style opinions you value. SEE ALSO : WTF is Pinterest (Infographic) What makes Pinterest Unique? Pinterest is unique in that they are not ... Read More »

Sony +U: New Android App – Inspire Volunteering Among the Facebook Generation

Sony launches +U, a revolutionary Android mobile app that sets out to deliver real world, bite-size volunteering opportunities to a new, socially motivated audience. Created in partnership with YouthNet – the organization behind the UK’s national volunteering database, Do-it – the app will give charitable organizations a vital boost by inspiring a new generation of volunteers to put themselves forward. “Do-it exists to make volunteering easy and the development of +U provides huge potential for the sector to develop the way that we encourage and motivate people to volunteer“, said Emma Thomas, CEO of YouthNet. To maximize the app’s potential ... Read More »