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Top 7 Social Media Sites for Teaching and Learning

Social Media Sites for Teaching and Learning

Twitter and Facebook may be common nowadays and anyone can join it anytime for free, but today there are hundreds of other social media sites that help students enhance learning and teaching. In this blog, we shed light on top 7 social media sites that completely change the way you share information and communicate. Today, Social media has changed a lot the way people share information and communicate with one another in their professional and personal lives. A lot of students around us are familiar or are on different social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, but there are a ... Read More »

6 Ways Teachers Can Harness The Power Of Pinterest

Pinterest for Teachers

When you think of social media sites, you think about sharing pictures and videos and connecting with friends. But, there is one website that is truly ideal for teachers… and it is called Pinterest. Pinterest allows teachers to do many great things in terms of teaching and learning in a very convenient and fun manner. If you are a teacher, then get ready to explore a new and exciting world of opportunities that Pinterest brings to you. They will enhance your productivity in no time. 1. Pinterest can be Used to Share Assignment Details It’s easy for teachers to create ... Read More »

The Effects of Social Media on Child Education

Effects of Social Media on Child Education

Social media refers to any application or website that allows users to participate in social networking and enables them to create and share information. As known by now, such websites include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, GooglePlus and of course, blogs and v-blogs. This article discusses the importance of filtering information for children who surf the web and engage in social media interactions. Of course, effects can be both positive and negative, and that is the reason why we have to take action. “It is better to prevent than to treat”, says an old quote. Social Media Statistics The following are ... Read More »

7 Education Twitter Accounts that Offer Knowledge and Wisdom

Education Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a fun way to stay connected with your friends and loved-ones. Luckily, you can use this great platform to get educated as well. Whether you are a teacher, parent or student, you can easily follow education experts and learn from their wisdom. Since Twitter gives you a limited space only, you will get condensed messages with powerful information. Therefore, you can easily follow many experts, without worrying about reading a lot of words, and receive their updates on a daily basis. You don’t have to find experts on Twitter now because I have compiled a list for you ... Read More »

What’s The Social Media World Teaching Us These Days?

Social Media World Teaching

Are you sick of hearing about how fantastic the world of social media is? Have you noticed how despite all these fantastic “benefits” we have not gained anything tangible or positive? If you have not noticed these things, then here is a list of negative things that social media has “taught” us. It is teaching us how ignorant people are There are some extreme cases of ignorance on social media. There are pages dedicated to the harmful effects of childhood vaccinations, even though 98% of North Americans have had childhood inoculations and are happy and healthy. The ignorance doesn’t even ... Read More »