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The Social CEO 2014: 68% of CEOs Have No Social Presence (Infographic)

The Social CEO (Infographic)

Did you know that 68% of CEOs have no social presence whatsoever on the top five social networks? Surprising, isn’t it? But wait, there’s more! It seems that even today most CEOs do not understand the power of sociability. A very large section of them either do not have a social presence or is merely active on LinkedIn and Twitter. And those who really do have a prominent social media presence prefer Instagram over Google Plus. However, it’s time CEOs become more sociable. It will bring them closer to the customers, help address issues in a better way and increase ... Read More »

142 Pinterest Pinboard Ideas for Every Entrepreneur (Infographics)

Pinterest Pinboard Ideas

It’s no surprise that with Pinterest’s rapid growth over the last few years, many entrepreneurs have now added Pinterest to their social media marketing plans. While Pinterest started out as a way to find inspiration, entrepreneurs are now using it as a way to inspire their current and potential customers, as well as to find new ones. When you’re first starting out on Pinterest as an entrepreneur, it might be tempting to create boards centered around your own interests and what inspires you. After all, that’s what Pinterest is all about. However, if you really want to connect with your ... Read More »

5 Ways to Gain Focus, Clarity and Purpose Before You Start Your Business

Before You Start Your Business

“What business would you like to start?” – I’m not sure. “How do you plan to run your business?” – I don’t know. “How much will you need to invest? When will you break even?” – I have no idea. “Will you be successful?” – I hope so! Not a pretty picture, this one. Any entrepreneur reading this – and that might be you – would want to give better answers to questions like that. Thankfully, that’s not the hard part although running a business is certainly challenging. Starting and running is a business is the real thing. Not everyone ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why a Startup Needs to Report to Their Investors

Startup Needs to Report to Their Investors

The web is full of articles and tips on how to find the right investor and secure funding for a startup. Accelerators, incubators, workshops, events, blogs and other programs or initiatives all dedicate themselves to helping startups find various sources of funding. But what happens after the Startup receives investment? How does the startup build a relationship with the investor? How is the startup expected to update investors? This is where the startup community often lacks information. Here is an approach that will make your startup stand out from the mediocre or inexperienced startups who don’t know what to do ... Read More »

New vs. Old Media Billionaires – Mark Zuckerberg, Rupert Murdoch, Larry Page, Reid Hoffman and More

New vs. Old Media Billionaires

Over the past few years, there has been a radical change in how people have consumed media. Of course, the Internet and social media has played a great part on this change. Internet startups have sprouted left and right. We are talking about Facebook, Linkedin, Google and similar companies. This change has paved way to some of the most famous billionaires we know today. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Larry Page & Sergey Brin of Google and Reid Hoffman of Linkedin all have something in common. They have accumulated their wealth through new media specifically the Internet. To give you a ... Read More »