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The Role of Social Media in the Weight Loss Industry, Plus More

Role of Social Media in the Weight Loss Industry

I was really happy to see that people responded in a positive way to my last article. This is a follow-up article for 3 Reasons Why Social Media Can Actually Help the Young Generation in the Fight against Obesity. The year 2012 was a tremendous one in terms of social media contributions. I know we can all agree. I can only name the most important ones such as Facebook improvement in user-app interactions and their own onsite search engine, the rise of Pinterest and the stable positioning of Twitter. I believe a follow-up article is really needed in order to ... Read More »

Social Media Case Study: Is Sharing Really Caring?

Social Media Case Study

I can’t remember the first time I heard the sentence “Sharing is caring”. It has been used so much in the past few years, that it turned into some sort of blogger’s routine. You see something you like and you share it on Twitter, on Facebook, on LinkedIn and on GooglePlus. But there’s always a gap between the sharing rate and the meaning behind it. So is sharing really caring? Together with my friend Lloyd from LBM Solutions UK, a Search Engine Marketing and Web Design Stockton company, we did sort of a mini-experiment to see how things really stand. ... Read More »

AMEX Launches Pay By Tweet Service

Amex Pay By Tweet

In a world where technology is forever changing, new developments are appearing all the time. Recently, developments to how we pay for our items have evolved drastically. One of the most-recent developments in this field is the pay by tweet service. Here, we will explore more about it. What is it? The AMEX Pay to tweet service operates under a simple principle, but the technology behind it is anything but straightforward. In order to understand the service, it is best to explore how it works. The first involves the user syncing their AMEX card with their twitter account. Once this ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why Social Media Can Actually Help the Young Generation in the Fight Against Obesity

Social Media Can Actually Help the Young Generation in the Fight Against Obesity

The fight against obesity has gained quite a reputation in the past couple of years. Suddenly, we realized how our human race might become extinct due to unhealthy lifestyles. Who would have imagined that what you eat today can determine your life span tomorrow? A couple of days ago I stumbled upon an interesting article about how obese young Americans can develop Type 2 Diabetes and how obesity itself can consume their life span in a faster way – faster than the life of a healthy adult. So how can the young generation fight this with tools that are available ... Read More »

Advanced Twitter Search Operators for Job Search


By now, it is common knowledge that social media is a powerful marketing tool for businesses in almost every industry, and that companies around the world are eagerly cultivating social networks. But what many still fail to realize is that sites like Twitter and Facebook have also recently become useful tools for jobseekers. With so many businesses reaching out online, it is easier than ever to connect with companies in your industry, build valuable relationships with prospective employers, and secure jobs that in years past might have been impossible to find. The key is knowing where and how to look. ... Read More »