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How To Create Effective #Hashtags To Promote Your Event Or Brand Virally

Create Effective Hashtags

Hashtags keep trending on social media as they manage to spark conversations about events, online campaigns, brand, and other online business activities. They manage to add a unique value to online campaigns by simply making the words go viral. Almost every brand, celebrity, or even an artist use appropriate hashtags on social networking websites. However, using hashtags requires an understanding of how to create or find relevant hashtags and how to use them effectively. Interestingly, they are also used to connect with customers on a bigger scale and boost the brand value of your company. Not only that, you can ... Read More »

How To Increase Your Email ROI with Advanced Email Analytics

Advanced Email Analytics

With a vast array of email technology, software and tracking tools at our fingertips, it can be hard to focus in on the metrics that actually matter. And no, we aren’t talking about metrics like opens and clicks. While those metrics are critical and touch on the success of your email from a birds-eye view, those analytics don’t dig into the nitty-gritty of what worked and, well, what didn’t. In this blog we’re going to discuss the advanced metrics you should be tracking to maximize your ROI and bottom line. Once we hone in on those metrics that help calculate ... Read More »

How To Get More Votes On Quora


Quora is a rapidly growing Q&A social network. Essentially, it’s a human powered Google. Just like any other social network, the community has its own nuances, style and language. It’s a network comprised mostly of people who are genuinely curious and intelligent and are looking to engage in interesting discussions. There are all sorts of topics, questions and answers ranging from startups to philosophy to hip-hop. The site allows users to follow certain topics, questions and individuals, so while there is an enormous amount of diversity on the site, no two individuals’ feeds look the same. All of this can ... Read More »

How to Find the Most Influential People in Your Niche on Twitter

Most Influential People on rTwitter

There are many ways to make the most of Twitter, with one particular thing to focus on and enjoy being to find influential people in a field. Networking on Twitter is more, however, than just dipping in and out of a subject – you can get access to stories before they become widespread, and sample a wide range of different links. Everyday use of Twitter can gradually build followers and networks, and can help you to gain a comprehensive understanding of news and views on subjects. What are some of the best ways, then, to find the most influential people ... Read More »

Facebook Tutorial – How to Manage Mobile Device Security Settings

Facebook Mobile Device Security Settings

There is no point in discussing Facebook’s future anymore – the popular social network is here to stay. However, that does not mean that there is no point in looking at some of the main issues that come with Facebook – and security is undoubtedly one of the topics that will always remain to be in the center of attention. And, with mobile devices becoming even more popular, it might certainly be a good idea to look at some of the security features and issues connected with that aspect of Facebook. Login Approvals Before the introduction of login approvals, the ... Read More »