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9 Tips for Keeping Internet Usage Private (Infographic)

Keeping Your Internet Usage Private

Privacy and online security are hot topics in this digital age. With connectivity pervasive in pretty much every aspect of our lives, any concept of privacy can be questionable. From data mining to know what we are web searching, to knowing our circle of friends via social networks, to knowing even our exact locations through mobile tracking on our smart phones, it’s easy in the modern world to give away far too much information to the wrong people. How do you think those online dating ads know to appear when you change your relationship status, or how eerily specific travel ... Read More »

Where is the Internet (Infographics)

Where is the Internet

The foundation for the Internet were set up by the US Department of Defence in the 1960s. This involved a process of connecting computers in order to transfer data more quickly. A process that is still ongoing to this day. 30 million number of servers worldwide as of 2008, estimated to be closer to 75 million as of today. 550,000 miles of undersea cable, transmitting data at 186,000 miles per second. Google estimates the size of the internet to be roughly 5 million TB of data. They control the world’s largest index of the Internet, but this comprises of only ... Read More »

BT Infinity Fibre Broadband: The Prospect And Beyond

BT Infinity Fibre Broadband

Gone are the days when dial-up connections were the only options to connect to the internet. With the emergence of broadband, connecting to internet has become fast and easy.  But in the age of smartphones, tablets, gaming console, laptops and live TV, even broadband needs to perk up a little. And that is where Fibre broadband comes into play – faster internet sans any  hassle.  And providers like BT Infinity are trying their best for making this superfast broadband reach every corner of the UK. What Is Fibre Broadband? Move aside old copper telephone wires,  make way for  a network ... Read More »

Does My Company Need A Website?

Does My Company Need A Website?

Pebble Explains Why It Is A Must Have In This Day And Age To Have A Website That Will Deliver You A Return On Investment. Nowadays, it is crucial to have an online presence and to build your brand. The Internet offers many advertising possibilities, but most of all, it offers the chance for brands to connect with their customers, a clear advantage of the present. Remember that in the past, this was a hard goal to achieve, media channels were few in number and communication turned out to be a bit stiff. Asking yourself what people love about your ... Read More »

Are There Places That Still Can’t Get Internet Access?

Get Internet Access

The Internet seems so widespread these days that it’s hard to imagine there are still locations without adequate Internet access. But it’s true. There are some locations across the U.S. that still experience sketchy-at-best Internet access. 19 Million Americans Still Don’t Get Internet Access Believe it or not, there are actually 19 million Americans who don’t get Internet access. Of course, that’s a recent estimation and the numbers of people who can get Internet are growing every day. Internet providers are expanding beyond the suburban areas to provide coverage to the rural areas. This estimation also primarily addresses broadband access—or ... Read More »