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Top Apps for People with Disabilities

People with Disabilities

For all our griping about the evils of gadget dependency, there’s something to be said for the way most devices are able to make lives easier–especially the lives of those with disabilities. Take for example Noah Rahman who has moderate Cerebral Palsy, which affects his upper and lower body movement, cognition, and communication skills. In 2010, a developmental specialist diagnosed the then two-year-old Noah as “being at least 12 months behind.” This all changed when Noah’s Dad Sami got him an iPad. In just four months, Noah’s fine motor skills have significantly improved, as well as his language and cognition, ... Read More »

Top 7 Educational iPad Games for Kids

Educational iPad Games for Kids

If old-fashioned games teach kids how to interact with children of the same age, what are the benefits of electronics games? In today’s world where a typical household has a flurry of gadgets including laptop computers, e-book readers, Android phones and tablet computers, it is through these devices that they get their playtime. Of course, parents should still encourage their kids to go out and play actual games with other kids outside so that they can soak in a bit of sunshine and become physically active. But for the most part, there are plenty of games which you can download ... Read More »

iPad Mini Hits The Stores with BIG Features

iPad Mini

‘Good things come in small packages (and with a heavier price tag)’ – can be a perfect description for the all new iPad mini, that hit the stores in 34 countries today. And by saying that, I by no means want to criticize the iPad and tablets. All I want to convey is that the new iPad mini is a compact, small version of iPad. Yep, as they put it – the new iPad mini is every inch an iPad! iPad mini: What’s new? The all new iPad mini has everything you love about iPad — iPad – like  screen ... Read More »

iPad Mini to Launch; But First, a Look at Months of Rumors

Rumors are a tech journalist’s best friend – and the iPad Mini has coupled many a writer and best mate over the past year. One thing is certain: the Mini, which will be much like Apple’s iPad but with a smaller screen, is set to be unleashed next Tuesday, October 23. But before we get a looksee at the real thing, let’s take a stroll down Mini Memory Lane and take in the landscape of rumors that have kept techies chomping at the bit for months now. Here’s a timeline of what’s been heard through the grapevine when it comes ... Read More »

A Few Useful Strategies for Optimizing Your Mobile App

Optimizing your mobile app begins with a simple question of what “optimization” really means to you. Figuring out what that word means to you means taking a moment to sit down and think about what your goals really are with this app. The ideas listed here are likely to help you meet those goals whatever they may happen to be, but it’s important to figure it out, write it down, and get it straight before taking action. Without further adieu, here are a few tactics to help optimize any mobile app: 1. Readability Trumps All Easy readability trumps everything when ... Read More »