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Social Media Internship Opps for 2014

Social Media Internship

Social media has quickly gone from being a personal hobby to a professional skill that every business is looking for in a candidate. When you apply for numerous positions, it is a benefit to say you have experience working with social media in such a context. Especially if you plan on going into public relations, marketing, or business full stop. Internships have been popping up all over the country that are based around social media experience. In 2014, there are some incredible opportunities for people who want to learn the ins and outs of using social media as a marketing ... Read More »

How Social Media Platforms Can Make Your Job Search Easy

Job Search Easy

It is an irrefutable fact that job searching is a demanding task for job seekers, especially for the fresh candidates. It can exhaust your mind and body while making your day very miserable. Fortunately, the boom in the technological advancements has made this process a little un-hectic for us. With the availability of popular social networks, one could easily find a job without putting much effort or even without exhausting himself. The main factor that plays an important role in making your job search stress-free is having a professional network. Today, it is fairly significant to build and expand a ... Read More »

Should You Fire an Employee Over Excessive Social Media Use?

Fire an Employee

The majority of employees are using social media while they’re on the clock. It has led to many business owners wondering when social media use at the office should become a fireable offence. Social Media on the Job Simply blocking company computers from accessing social media doesn’t solve the problem. Most employees have smartphones these days that allow them to check their social media accounts. Three out of four employees are checking their social media accounts from their mobile devices at least once a day, according to a survey conducted by SilkRoad Technologies. At least 60 percent of employees are ... Read More »

Will Social Media Help (or Hurt) Your Job Search?

Job Search

Social media has clearly increased in popularity over the past decade with the exponential success of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Although these websites may seem to be harmless, and fun ways to connect with others online, it is important for everyone to understand that social media sites are essentially public places. A joke or photo that might be funny to your friends may come across very differently on the computer screen of a potential employer. First Step: Control Your Image A smart social media presence can be a professional asset. In this day and age, many occupations will require you ... Read More »

Highest Paying and Fastest Growing IT Jobs (Infographics)

Highest paying and fastest growing IT jobs

Today, IT jobs have become more in demand compared to the jobs in that would involve a factory assembly line. It is actually something that is expected considering how technology has become more and more advanced . People are now also more inclined to use computers and machines for their everyday activities. As the trend continues, it would be possible that other jobs that won’t involve the use of these advanced technologies will likely become extinct in a few years.. The following infographic from shows what the highest paying and fastest growing IT jobs are. Listed among the hottest ... Read More »