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Steps on Creating an Effective Company Profile in LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Profile

We have all heard of this new up and coming website called LinkedIn but very few people know how to effectively use it to their benefit. This is a social network that people can use to look for jobs more successfully. This social media website resembles other known social Medias like Facebook but the main difference is that LinkedIn is professionally based instead of personally based. Like the title of the website says this webpage will Link you in with other business professionals to help you succeed in your company. Now creating a LinkedIn company profile is not that different ... Read More »

How to Generate Qualified Leads Through LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn for Sales Lead Generation

In this article we will focus on what LinkedIn has to offer for businesses and merchants that are looking for leads. We will not only focus on LinkedIn’s tools and functions available for companies and business.  In addition, we will try to draw out strategies to generate leads and to draft a potential plan to utilize and to make the most out of the tools and functions of LinkedIn. LinkedIn Tools / Functions 1. Complete and Beef Up Your Profile This is the very basic function of LinkedIn.  In fact, this is the very first set of fields that most ... Read More »

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

Beginner's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

How to Use LinkedIn Marketing Have you heard about LinkedIn Marketing in social networking site? Do you know how to utilize it? If not then it is time to learn about it. Being the most popular professional social sharing platform, LinkedIn has millions of users in more than 200 countries. There is no or less chances for businesses to waste time in being friendly with their LinkedIn followers since the mechanism in this site is more professional than being friendly. Hence you must have at least rudimentary knowledge about professional LinkedIn social media marketing tips, plan and strategy. You can put the following ... Read More »

How Social Media Platforms Can Make Your Job Search Easy

Job Search Easy

It is an irrefutable fact that job searching is a demanding task for job seekers, especially for the fresh candidates. It can exhaust your mind and body while making your day very miserable. Fortunately, the boom in the technological advancements has made this process a little un-hectic for us. With the availability of popular social networks, one could easily find a job without putting much effort or even without exhausting himself. The main factor that plays an important role in making your job search stress-free is having a professional network. Today, it is fairly significant to build and expand a ... Read More »

Are You Pitching Your Startup To Reid Hoffman?

Reid Hoffman Co-founder of LinkedIn

You know your start-up in and out. Size of the market, growth plans, revenue model – you have it all figured out. Your good friend introduced you to Reid and he even granted you and audience. But, are you prepared? As per this article from, most entrepreneurs err here: Reid Hoffman is the Co-founder of LinkedIn and a partner at Greylock. He is on the board of quite a few companies including Zynga, Mozilla and Shopkick. You have a chance to seek funds from Reid for your fledging startup, and no doubt, you wish to be prepared. While you ... Read More »