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What Pinterest’s Evolution Can Teach Us About The New Reality Of Ecommerce

Let people buy your products—right from Pinterest

Today’s consumer marketplace is a brutal environment for retailers and brands. It’s time for marketers to change their game plan accordingly. A poll by AdAge found that only 4 percent of consumers believe marketers act with integrity. You can see that statistic play out in research around the new consumer-buying journey.  McKinsey estimated that 74 percent of the final buying decision is impacted not by ads but by people – conversations with acquaintances, point of sale associates and online research. Not surprisingly, this has led to an evolution away from traditional forms of marketing, toward new, consumer-driven tactics for reaching customers ... Read More »

Five Ways to Find Blog Topics Ideas Using Social Media

Find Blog Topics Ideas

What to write about? What to write about? What to write about? This is a question that keeps creeping into a bloggers mind every now and then. For me, it’s something that often bothers me while I’m showering, travelling, feeding my cat, and going about the daily humdrum of my life. Note, I am someone who is deemed to be tremendously creative. However, finding the most insightful, interesting, trending and educational topic in my blog’s niche every day, and I mean every day, is not a piece of cake. Sometimes, it can take hours of thinking and contemplating. They say ... Read More »

6 Ways Teachers Can Harness The Power Of Pinterest

Pinterest for Teachers

When you think of social media sites, you think about sharing pictures and videos and connecting with friends. But, there is one website that is truly ideal for teachers… and it is called Pinterest. Pinterest allows teachers to do many great things in terms of teaching and learning in a very convenient and fun manner. If you are a teacher, then get ready to explore a new and exciting world of opportunities that Pinterest brings to you. They will enhance your productivity in no time. 1. Pinterest can be Used to Share Assignment Details It’s easy for teachers to create ... Read More »

30 Reasons – Pinterest Will Rule in 2014 (Infographic)

Pinterest Will Rule in 2014

As much as we would like to think Facebook is the most powerful social media tool, our friends at Omnicore make a good argument that Pinterest has really picked up the pace and is here to rule over all the other social media tools. Here are the key points from the infographic: Pinterest has 70 million users There are 2.5 million monthly page views Pinterest attracts 1090 visitors per minute Pinterest user stays on the site for 15.8 minutes Pinterest is overwhelmingly used by women with a 83% women to 17% men ratio Pinterest is most popular among 35-54 years old users followed ... Read More »

142 Pinterest Pinboard Ideas for Every Entrepreneur (Infographics)

Pinterest Pinboard Ideas

It’s no surprise that with Pinterest’s rapid growth over the last few years, many entrepreneurs have now added Pinterest to their social media marketing plans. While Pinterest started out as a way to find inspiration, entrepreneurs are now using it as a way to inspire their current and potential customers, as well as to find new ones. When you’re first starting out on Pinterest as an entrepreneur, it might be tempting to create boards centered around your own interests and what inspires you. After all, that’s what Pinterest is all about. However, if you really want to connect with your ... Read More »