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Amazon Presents The Dash Button: A “Buy now with 1-Click” Shopping Solution

Amazon Dash Button

What if you could buy anything with just one click? Sounds impossible, does not it? But now you can. With its dangerously convenient “Buy now with 1-Click” Dash Button, Amazon once again proved that impossible is not a word in their vocabulary. With this miraculous Dash Button, one tap is all you need to record your order for various household items automatically via Amazon Prime. And next thing you know the products are being delivered to your doorsteps. For example, you are out of diapers. All you have to do is to tap your Huggies Dash Button. Within 48 hours ... Read More »

Consumer Psychology and E-Commerce Checkouts (Infographics)

Consumer Psychology and E-Commerce Checkouts

The look, feel and overall experience of a website will lead an online consumer into a purchase. If a customer is unhappy with the experience of the website, with a click of a button they are straight out of there onto Google looking elsewhere. For the majority of consumers, it takes just three seconds of waiting for a page to load before they are gone. It is small details like this which separate a highly performing e-commerce website from the rest. From a consumer’s perspective, if a brand is lazy enough to not even put the effort into their website ... Read More »

Why Wedding Is A Serious Business on Pinterest?

Wedding Business on Pinterest

2013 is the age of visual social media platforms like Pinterest. With its recipes, makeup and beauty tips and home décor Pinterest has mesmerized its users, especially women. According to TechCrunch 97% of Pinterest users are women. So naturally, the social media platform is full of stuffs that interest women mostly. Pinterest categories include – DIY, Food, Movies and Music, Home Décor, Hair and Beauty and of course –wedding. Now, I am not going to say that the perfect wedding is the dreams of every woman. All I want to say is that most of those who intend to get ... Read More »

Social Collaboration Gives New Twist to Holiday Shopping Online

Holiday Shopping Online

The holiday season can be make or break for most online retailers, with some retailers getting the majority (or sometimes close to all) of their sales during this critical period.  Traditionally, these online retailers had a clear set of parameters around which they knew they had to compete – inventory, shipping times, costs, execution and overall service, and offering big promotions and discounts. Online retail was originally built for those shoppers that knew what they wanted to buy in a fast and efficient way.  Retailers needed to make sure they made the product easy to find (via an effective search ... Read More »

Online Payment Startup – Seriously Simple Selling For Webpreneurs

Online Payment Startup

With global e-commerce consumer sales growing 21.1 per cent to over $1 trillion for the first time in 2012, there is no denying that the internet has changed forever the way we shop. At the same time the web has seen the rise in the webpreneurs; entrepreneurs who have a full time job and that have an online side business venture doing what they love. The term webpreneur covers a diverse group from bloggers selling ebooks, or musicians and artists selling direct to fans, to designers and software developers selling digital files. Selling online is perfect for webpreneurs and many ... Read More »