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Businesses Building an Online Presence: A Case of Demolition

Building an Online Presence

Continuing from our last case study, where we talked about how a waste removal company started to build an online presence, now we’ll discuss about another case study related to home improvement. In the past few years, the home improvement industry has evolved quite a lot, as this recent list shows new emerging home improvement blogs and businesses. We are slowly seeing many niches moving from the offline and entering the online zone. And the outcome is beneficial not only for businesses themselves, but also for readers, buyers, home designers and people who love to decorate or redecorate their homes. ... Read More »

Businesses Building an Online Presence: A Case of Waste… Removal

Case Study: A Waste Removal Company

No matter how you look at it, social media and its marketing outcome cannot be denied. In the past few years we have witnessed many technological advances which made it possible for people to connect anywhere, anytime. Just take a look at the numbers. Facebook and Twitter have more than a billion unique users and it would be foolish of businesses not to take advantage of social networks. There is incredible potential to be found on the worldwide web, we can all agree. Why Build an Online Presence According to recent studies, even with the decline of economy, most eCommerce ... Read More »

How Small Businesses Can Get A Big Following On Social Media

Big Following On Social Media

Small business owners are always trying to do more with less. When budgets are tight and time is limited, it’s tough to know which marketing tactics offer the biggest bang for the buck. Social media marketing has gotten a lot of hype, but how can small businesses truly make social media marketing work for them? If you’re a small business, how can you attract a big social media audience, without a big company budget? Here are a few easy tips for how to make the most of your social media marketing, no matter how small your company might be: Create ... Read More »

It’s the Return Customers, Stupid

Return Customers

Marketers are constantly chasing down new customers. However, data mined from millions of transactions and thousands of companies has shown that return customers are the key to prosperity in tough market conditions. SumAll CEO Dane Atkinson weighs in on the true value of return customers. If you don’t have return customers, you don’t have a solid business. That, at least, is what data mined from millions of transactions and thousands of businesses says. But before we get to the rock hard numbers, let’s begin with a concrete example: We want to build a lighthouse—out of bricks. We get off to ... Read More »

3 Ways To Make Facebook Graph Search Work For You

Facebook Graph Search

It may not be available to everybody just yet but recently Facebook announced the launch of something that is set to change the way businesses can carry out PR and marketing in their local area. Facebook graph search will allow users to search for people, places and businesses around them that other users have recommended and have a good rating and so optimizing your local business for this new search could result in a big increase in sales. Although some people have questioned whether this new tool has the potential for misuse and will violate people’s privacy rights, Facebook say ... Read More »