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Introducing The Small Business Accounting Solution

Due - Online Invoicing and Time Tracking

Freelancers, solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs – they all have one thing in common, and that is accounting. When you work in a traditional environment or offer your services on a local scale, accounting isn’t an issue. You can simply hire an accountant or an accounting company that solves everything. But what happens when you work remotely, on an international scale? Well, things change. Accounting changes. Not mastering it can severely affect your business, your sales and your clients. Accounting Tools: Limitations and Issues to Be Addressed Among common issues for freelancers and online entrepreneurs, is that of a ... Read More »

4 Most Common Mistakes Online Business Make

Common Mistakes Online Business Make

The popularity of online businesses is immense. Each year, more and more businesses start to populate the web and attempt to get the attention of the users, with varying success. I am not saying that the online business environment is oversaturated, but its sheer popularity is so immense that people get the impression it is easy to run an online business. This leads to all kinds of mistakes and causes a lot of people to lose their investment. If you are planning to start an online business, we would like to point out the most common mistakes you can make ... Read More »

“Whatchu Talkin’ Bout Willis?” – The Importance of Social Media for Small Business

Social Media for Small Business

Prior to social media, businesses used public relations, advertising, and direct mail to create visibility, generate brand loyalty, and build sales. However, many small businesses found these tools included a high price tag. The launch of social media effectively leveled the marketing playing field between small and large businesses because social media is free. According to the State of Small Business Report, 56% of SMBs invest only 3% of their revenue in marketing. That percentage is evidence of the significant gap between what large and small businesses spend. A recent Gartner survey has the national average for marketing budgets at ... Read More »

Small Businesses: Online Presence Tips in the Home Improvement Industry

Online Presence Tips In The Home Improvement Industry

The Internet has become a global market for almost any industry. There is no denying the countless advantages that e-commerce has to offer for any type of business, too. However, having a web presence is a completely different thing altogether. It may not be effective to just have a website, without a strong social media presence and without a content marketing strategy. Search Engines, Social media communities and groups are the key to generating more traffic for your website, in order for you to gain more customers. While search engine web “spiders” (software that analyses content on every website and ... Read More »

Why Your Business Might Still Be Better Off Using Microsoft Products in 2014

Microsoft Products in 2014

In the past two years I have focused a lot on Startups Consulting, Strategy planning, Implementation: everything from A to Z, from bottom to top. And one of the things I noticed among young newborn companies is this lack of trust in using Microsoft products. Yes, as a startup you might be tempted to use all the free products and tools out there, there’s no argue about that. Still, I want to ask you how far are you willing to invest in your company in order to make it successful? How far are you willing to go, to what extremes? ... Read More »