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Are Smartphones a Vice or a Virtue for Gaming Industry?

playing angry birds game on smartphone

The online world has transformed a lot in the past few years – all thanks to smartphones. As the name suggests, Smartphones are way smarter than their predecessors. Your entire world (workplace, home, club) is now at your fingertips when you have a smartphone in hand. It can not only improve the way you communicate, but also can change the way you stay entertained. Talking about entertainment, Smartphones have proved to be an excellent tool. Whether it is watching videos or chatting up with friends on social networking sites or playing games and watching TV – a smartphone does it ... Read More »

6 Mobile Games You Should Never Let Your Kid Play

Mobile Games Kids Should Avoid

The world of mobile games is so vast that it’s difficult to keep track of everything that’s available to your kids today. To keep them safe, you should always use parental controls and double-check anything they’ve downloaded. You should also keep a particular lookout for overly inappropriate games, like those featured here. Talking Tom Cat 2: Easy Ways to Waste Money The Talking Tom Cat 2 app is simple in its design and maniacally brilliant in its attempt to encourage spending. Advertisements and add-ons pop up in lots of unlikely places, making them an easy click for your kids. All this ... Read More »

Gaming is Made for Granny (INFOGRAPHIC)

Gaming is Made for Granny

Is your Grandma suddenly talking gibberish? Does she have anxiety and depression when she’s AFB (Away from Keyboard)? Does she have bags under her eyes or suffer from migraine headaches? She could be suffering from an online gaming addiction. Online gaming is growing in popularity among older demographics. Among males age 55-64, the number of online gamers has grown nine percent since 2011. The number of female gamers in the same age group has grown 10 percent in the same time period. With more than half (53 percent) of seniors connected to the World Wide Web, it’s no surprise that ... Read More »

Plink – Earn Facebook Credits for Dining-Out or Purchasing Offline

Consumer appetite for Facebook Credits is rapidly growing. To satisfy that appetite, consumers now have a new opportunity called Plink, the first Facebook Credits-based loyalty program that rewards Facebook members for dining and making purchases at their favorite restaurants and offline retailers. Through Plink, Facebook members will be rewarded for dining-out at their favorite restaurants, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Quiznos, Red Robin and Taco Bell, to name a few, and making purchases offline, such as going to the movies and staying at certain hotels. Members join at through Facebook Connect, then safely and securely register the credit or debit card ... Read More »

“Hooked” Android App, Delivers Personalized Games Recommendation to Users

With approximately 250,000 games currently in the Android Marketplace, how can a gamer discover all of the amazing content that fits their interests? Instead of aimlessly searching the Android Marketplace or simply seeing which games top the charts, gamers are turning to Hooked, the new Android app that helps consumers discover a wide array of new games and content. The free Android app, from Hooked Media Group, provides personalized game recommendations based on each users’ game preferences and ratings from over 250,000 Android games. The Hooked app is a game recommendation and discovery platform that uses a proprietary algorithm to ... Read More »