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Top Reasons Marketers Should Expand Video Content to Facebook

Expand Video Content To Facebook

Summer of 2015 may go down in the annals of social media history as the definitive tipping point when Facebook finally usurped YouTube’s domination of the online video space. Every few days this summer, Facebook’s announced (or sometimes just denied or simply refused to comment on) an array of attractive new features that are designed to make video consumption on their platform easier and more relevant to users. And these aren’t mundane, showy or gimmicky one-offs.  They’re genuine improvements to the user experience, whether you’re a viewer or content creator. Additions that outpace those being made over at Google-owned YouTube ... Read More »

Vine: Fine? Foul? Or Futuristic? You’ve Got 6 Seconds To Tell!

Vine Video Sharing

Hurry! You’ve got just 6 seconds to make an impression! Yeah, we’re talking about the new Vine, the video-sharing app from Twitter. The new mobile video sharing service, which allows you to make short looping videos (up to 6 seconds) to share on Twitter and Facebook, and also the Vine network, is the new rage on the web! Right from its launch on January 24, 2013, Vine’s iOS app is among the top 10 most downloaded free app at the App Store, it has got mixed reviews. Some started telling that this is “Instagram For Video.” According to Tech expert ... Read More »

How Might Facebook Adding Embed Codes for Videos Impact YouTube?

When it comes to the video sharing space, they just don’t get any more dominant than YouTube. Sure, Vimeo is on the rise, and DailyMotion has always been a serviceable alternative, but none have been able to make an impact like the web property Google wisely acquired back in November of 2006. YouTube looks to be unstoppable on the online video front, but if anyone can challenge its dominance, it would be the social giant itself – Facebook. A New Player in the Video Game? According to the latest news from rumor mill, Facebook could be adding a new feature ... Read More »

Web Video Production and Marketing: How to Get Started

Video adds another dimension to any marketing strategy. The reason behind that is simple: people would rather watch a video than read a page of text. Instead of just being told something, people are shown something, which creates a much stronger connection. If you’ve never done any video marketing, the whole concept can be quite daunting. How do you even decide what to make videos about? You’ll be surprised to find that video marketing is actually pretty intuitive, once you take the first steps. It’s difficult to start, though, if you’re not sure what to do. Here’s a guide to ... Read More »

A Brief History Of Digital Video File Formats (INFOGRAPHICS)

History Of Digital Video File Formats

Sometimes statistics can be a very hard thing to believe. In this case, the growth of the internet has provided some staggering numbers revolving around digital video. So far in the year 2012, Americans are on pace to watch more video streaming over the Internet than they will on DVD or Blu-ray combined, according to a very recent study by IHS. Consumers will pay to legally stream and digest over 3.4 billion online movies, 1 billion more than physical media for the year! That is about as shocking as Michael Jackson’s lifelong physical transformation. It’s amazing to think how far ... Read More »